Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Thoughts ....

I am sitting in Heathrow airport right now and am reflecting. I, stupidly, did something I never do and reviewed a message board posting about this weekends concerts. I realize now why exactly I stay my distance from them. Negative comments can sting. Hearing that some people may have had a bad experience because of any number of reasons is upsetting. I am such a perfectionist that I always want everyone to leave happy.

I won't really comment on the two or three comments of my egotism in both person and online. Truthfully, if you believe I have an ego and that I am so self assured then my therapist is worth every single dollar that I pay him.

I will, though, comment on the photography issue, though. First, let me say that the photographer was hired by the producers of the concert to take professional shots and the photographer, who has taken photos for all of my past concerts as well as an upcoming 'secret' project I am working on, was only following orders. That being said, I totally feel for the audience members who felt distracted and upset about the constant clicking of the camera. I have a very short attention span and constant anxiety built by small annoyances in life. I see a cell phone being picked up in a movie theatre and i am looking at the individual more then I am watching the movie, constantly waiting for them to take out the cell phone again so I can tell them how rude they are for ruining my movie. So, trust me when I say, I get it - 100%. It's a matter that I will make sure is never an issue again at any of my future concerts and will point it out to the producing team, as well, for their future concerts. It was never anyone's intention of annoying any of you and I thank you for being so honest in your comments about it so that it can never happen again.

I also will comment on my cursing habits. Yes, its true. I curse. A lot. I curse in everyday life. A lot. Cursing is a very strong part of my vocabulary. With that being said, I agree sometimes it can be excessive and so can some of my vulgar jokes to an audience who may not appreciate that type of language or find it funny in any way. My mind is constantly running. When I am on stage, I am not thinking about censoring myself, even though it's been brought to my attention many many times. I understand your comments, though. With that being said, when I am on a stage, I am who I am. 100%. Just like in my music, I am too honest. I say what is on my mind and what is in my heart. Just like when I write a song, when I am on a stage, my words just go. If i censored myself, I wouldn't be me. I can't apologize for that and I wont. I hear that some of you find it inappropriate and completely understand your disappointment but, at the end of the day ... this is me and, for the first time in my life, I am starting to actually like me, so I make no excuse for it.

With all of that being said - I feel honored and blessed in my life. I get to travel the world and do what it is I love. I get to meet each of you and hear your stories and be touched by you, emotionally. I am a very lucky man. If you think I may be distracted when we meet, sometimes I am, BUT I always remember you. Many I remember by face, some by name, some by stories. I always remember, though. You always leave a lasting impression on me.

Two days ago, Mark Shenton posted a lovely review of my London concerts on his Blog on The Stage's website. First, I felt honored to be mentioned in the same article as Jason Robert Brown (the absolute and ultimate king of the cult composer and one of the greatest and most honest and emotional writers presently writing) and was fascinated that he was able to understand what it is I do. I often say that people in the industry don't really get me. It's the people who buy the albums that do. Yet, for the first time, someone in the industry connected the dots to David Friedman, a man a respect completely. I wanted to share that review with each of you (link below) and say, once again - to all those who made it out to the concerts in both Australia and London - THANK YOU !!! To all those who email me your stories and your letters - THANK YOU !!!

This has been a crazy month and a half for me, with traveling, performing and finishing up my most personal CD yet. I thank you for keeping me sane, for holding my hand and for being a part of this experience with me. You don't know how truly grateful I feel for this life that you treat me to and I thank you from the very bottom part of my fucking egotistical heart.

With Love, SA