Thursday, August 28, 2008

Goodnight Sheet Music

Hey everyone - the sheet music for 'Goodnight,' as sung by Liz Callaway on DWA, is now available in the 'shop' in both a male and female key ...Soprano's should buy it in the male key ... ENJOY !!!

xo -SA

Monday, August 25, 2008

Updates and a video

Hey Everyone -
Wow, what a crazy few months ...I have been in the studio almost every single day, working at the bar (yes, for those of you just joining us ...I still have a day (night) job where I make my living) and gearing up for London.

Well, what can I talk about ? THE STUDIO ...It's going amazing ... now, granted, there is a small chance I won't be able to finish the CD due to the fact that my budget has gone over the amount I intended to spend, but hoping that everyone goes out and buys the re-release of 'DWA' when it's released, I should be fine .... (yes, that was my hint of ...if you want the new CD, buy the re-release ....shameless I am).

We still have five more songs to lay down the vocals for ...One day is gonna be everyone's fantasy, since I will be in the studio with Lisa Brescia followed by Julia Murney followed by Kerry Ellis. Ok, maybe not everyone's fantasy, but I know you Wicked fantastics would die to be there .... maybe I should raffle off a ticket to come into the studio and give the money to charity ? (aka finishing this CD) ....DONT EMAIL ME ABOUT THIS ...I'm only kidding .... ;)

Seriously, though ..everything is going so well in the studio ..I have so many favorite songs on the CD. I still keep going back and forth between titles and I am still waiting on one more performer, so once that happens, I will release a proper press release addition, i lied recently and said that I would be singing on this cd ...I have decided against it ... why, you may ask ? Well, cause ...I love hearing other people act my songs ...and I actually don't get the same satisfaction in recording my own work as I do hearing someone else bringing the song to life ....

that being said, I have not removed the song I song in the re-release of DWA so those of you asking for a recording of me singing, you can find it on there ....The song is called 'Hold On' and is a song I wrote when I was 18. It was written for my mothers 50th birthday. I hope you all enjoy that ...

what else ? Oh yes, London excited am I ? the producers may possible hate me cause I have been so overwhelmed with the studio that I haven't really had the time to commit fully to the concert yet, but next week i am off from the studio till the 7th, SOooooOOOOO ....they have all my attention ...;)

Bartending ..what can I say about bartending ? I still get a kick out of it when I am serving someone a drink and I can see in their eyes ...they know me ...and all of a sudden they get weird and just say 'are you Scott Alan ?' ...why yes, yes I am ... their next question is always ... 'can I get a cosmo please ?', that's not their next question's usually ...'why are you bartending ?' ...truth is kids, I have to survive, just like the next person ..the truth is ...I struggle, too ... I'm paying my dues ...I'm working my ass off to get my name out there ...this entire cd is made from money I have worked hard for. Yes, I will admit, life has gotten slightly easier since the first CD came out, but, I am still an 'unknown' in the industry. When I have someone tell me 'you are so loved at my college,' I almost want to tell them, 'great, go talk to every producer and tell them to let me write them a show.' It's not that easy. I have to prove myself just like each of you do, and I know and understand the struggle. That is why I produce the 'New Voices' series, as a way to give back to all of the incredible performers and writers who are auditioning and working and striving to get noticed. It is not easy, but I know how important it is for just one person to care, for one person to notice. I may not be the person they hoped would notice them, lol, but I am noticing and giving back as best as I can ....

Ok, I am rambling and making no sense. Soooo is a little video ...we recorded the background vocals for 'The Distance You Have Come' this morning features New Voices alumni, Natalie Weiss, backed by other alumni of the series .... the song is not done's still missing strings (I'm actually on my way out the door to lay down strings for the CD now), but I thought I would give you a small glimpse into the new cd ....i hope you are all excited ....i do this for you guys ...i hope you know that ...without you, i'm just a pile of mess ....

enjoy !!!

Saturday, August 02, 2008


Hey everyone -
So, everyone always asks me if I have a mailing list, etc, where they can be kept updated on everything happenings, I have an old mailing list that I haven't updated in forever ...always fun, right ? ... That being said, I just created a fanpage on FACEBOOK. If you go and join, I will send out updates with all the latest news that you may wish to know ... LIKE:

-When is the sheet music for 'The Journey' and 'Goodnight' gonna be available ? (SOON, btw)
-When is the new CD gonna be available (SOON, to)
-When is the limited edition of DWA gonna be available (Yup, you guessed it ...SOON)
-When will you be uploading another youtube video of new songs (NEVER ....JK ....Funny, right ?)

So, simply follow this link and add yourself to the facebook fanpage ... I mean, what could be more fun (well, maybe entering Jason Robert Browns singing contest, but after that) ....

Enjoy the day ...-SA