Sunday, May 18, 2008

Turning 30 means, what ?!?!

I have been 30 for two days now. Hmmm. Maybe it's just me, but I don't feel any differently then when I was 29, which didn't feel any differently then 28, which didn't feel any differently then ... well, you get the point.

My boyfriend, Ryan, threw me a wonderful SURPRISE party on my Birthday, which was a real treat. I've never had a surprise party for me before and in addition to having some of my wonderful friends in attendance, there were a few friends I hadn't seen since my high school days (Chicky, B.C. and Elissa) and it was so wonderful to have them there. The night ended as a 'Stagedoor Manor Reunion' of sorts as many of my closest pals (Jerry, Taryn, Giselle, Mimi, Matt, Jamison, Emily,Lauren and Michael) from Stagedoor joined in the festivities. Oh, it's been so long since many of us have been in one room together so that was really something special. In addition to high school friends and Stagedoor friends, I had my Mother, sister and Father there (yes, all in the same room. Intense), Ryans sister's whom helped organize the evening as well as make delicious chocolate covered strawberries (my favorite), some 'theatre' friends, some 'New Voices' alumni, and some of the friends I have made over the years here in the city. Ryan really surprised me (which isn't easy to do) and in addition to the party, put together a beautiful picture book of photos of me throughout my 30 years with messages from my friends who weren't able to attend the evening sharing memories and 'toasting' my 30th. In addition, everyone at the party wrote in the book, too. It's one of those 'treasures' that you take out whenever you feel 'alone.' Whomever said that a good gift has to be of 'financial' value needs to take pointers from Ryan. I am one lucky boy !!! Ok, maybe that's the difference between 30 and 29. I am no longer a boy.

In three weeks I head back into the studio to start the recording process for the new CD. I have been contemplating titles for the CD. The obvious one was, of course, just calling the CD 'It's Good to See You Again,' and it is possible that it may make the cut, but the other one I really love is a new song I just finished for the CD to called 'An Unfinished Life.' I think it says a lot, just in the title. Thoughts ?

Everyone keeps asking who will be on the CD. As I previously mentioned, nobody from the first CD will be on this CD. As 'comfortable' as it would have been to bring back friends whom I have worked with for years, it was 'important' to me to take a step and branch out with talent whom I have yet to work with. I decided to start announcing some of the talent and give some back story on the performer and the song they will be performing on the CD. Slowly. Ready ?

The first name that I will announce is ...


Yes, RANDY 'FUCKING' GRAFF. I can't explain my fascination and pure admiration for this woman. I grew up in the Claude-Michel Schönberg and Alain Boublil generation, so obviously, 'Les Misérables' was, and still is, one of my favorite musicals of all time.

When my Grandfather, Louie, passed away when I was younger, my cousin Ricky (Ian Gordon), who has one of the most unique voices of any composer I know, called Randy on the phone, knowing that I was a huge fan of the show. They were friends and he thought talkign to Randy would comfort me. Well, the planned 'five' minute conversation turned into almost 30 minutes, with me singing Randy every song I could think of from the show. Thankfully, she 'claims' she doesn't remember this.

When I started creating the character of Katherine for 'Piece,' Randy was always the voice I had in mind. Now, maybe I shouldn't say that, cause who knows whom will eventually play the role, BUT, having her on this CD is a dream come true for me.

Randy will be singing a song that was cut from 'Piece,' but has remained one of my favorite songs I have ever written. It is called 'The Dress.' I would be surprised if anyone has heard this song prior to those whom have seen early incarnations of the show in reading or workshop form, so having someone like Randy Graff debut the song, is really pretty special.

'The Dress' is a song about the moment that Katherine is picking out the outfit that her mother will wear to her funeral. The idea sounds pretty depressing, I know, and I did consider not putting the song on the CD because it's very different from anything else on the first CD ...but, ultimately, that's the exact reason I ended up putting it on the CD. I changed a few of the lyrics to make the song less specific to the context of the show.

So, there you have it officially confirmed song, and an officially confirmed performer ...

I really hope you are excited, cause I am ...

I will try and update with another performer and song every two weeks, so keep checking back.

Off to finish my laundry.

xo -SA

Friday, May 02, 2008

CBS NEWS ON LOGO - Featuring Shoshana Bean

Hey Everyone -
Well, I told you I would upload it soon enough. Here is the news program that was done on me recently on CBS News on Logo ...I hope you enjoy it !!!