Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Still ...Dreaming Wide Awake - and more !!!

Hey Everybody -
So, as many of you know, I will be re-releasing 'Dreaming Wide Awake' with a new title 'Still ...Dreaming Wide Awake.' The original CD will still be available as a digital download on iTunes,cdbaby and

'Still ...Dreaming Wide Awake' will NOT be available as a digital download and will only be available in actual CD form. The CD will include all 13 original tracks from 'DWA' as well as Karaoke tracks of 'I'm a Star,' 'Home,' 'Never Neverland (Fly Away)' and 'Kiss the Air.' The lyrics for these songs are included in the CD booklet as well and will only be available in the key of the original version on the CD. In addition to these four karaoke songs, a song that was suppose to be a bonus track on the original CD will now be featured on this special edition CD. The song is called 'Hold On' and was written in 1999 for my mother's 50th Birthday. It is a demo of me singing the song at a piano.

As of now, the CD should be available on September 30th, officially through As I will be away in London there is a small chance it may become available earlier so just keep checking back on my website for an official link that will take you to the new CDBaby page.

As for the new CD, I don't have an official date as of yet. I know it will be available in November sometime. I am currently aiming for November 18th, but I should know better in a few weeks if that is practical or not. The new CD has been named and has a beautiful cover that I really love and so I will be debuting that once 'Still ... Dreaming Wide Awake' has been officially released. Then I can worry about the new CD and hopefully get some of you excited about that.

Other then that, as you may have seen on the news/home page, I will be doing a CD signing at Barnes and Nobles on December 1st. This CD signing will be for both 'Dreaming Wide Awake' and the new CD, so expect to see many of your favorites from both CD's there (the original DWA will be available at Barnes and Nobles and not the new version), including Julia Murney, Lisa Brescia, Natalie Weiss, Jenn Colella, Katie Thompson, Danny Calvert and more !!!! Some will perform, some will just be on hand to sign, but everyone will be there to celebrate and have a good time.

I also have booked the date for the official CD release party at Birdland, which will be January 12th at 7pm. This is a very early release of the date so no need to flock and make your reservation this minute. It was more for me to just announce everything so I can concentrate on the new CD and such and not getting overwhelmed with everything else happening in my life right now.

Oh, and ...As many of you know, I will be taking part in a concert next Sunday of my music at The Duchess Theatre in London. In addition to that, I will also be doing a CD signing and performance the day before (Saturday the 20th) at The Dress Circle at 4:30. I hope you will come out and join me. It would be great to get to meet all of you and take some time to talk to you and such. If nobody shows up for that, I will be fine as well ... I am sort of expecting a tiny crowd for that as I won't be bringing any special guests for that ...just me and the piano and a ballpoint pen ... I know I will see the rest of you at the Sunday night Concert so no hard feelings if you can't make it out on Saturday ....

Oh, and of course, I hope to see those of you in New York City for our next Monday Nights, New Voices concert on September 29th. It will be hosted by the amazing Megan McGinnis ....more info to come soon ....

That seems to be all even though, technically, that is a lot of information. I am exhausted but there is no thought of complaining. For the longest time I just wanted to be working and be heard and now I am, so ... bring it on !!!!

OHHHHH ....lastly, I keep getting emails about running a 'masterclass/performance/talk back session' at people's colleges ... email me with all the details @ and if I am available, I will absolutely be there. That's an honor for me and not something I see as work.