Saturday, August 02, 2008


Hey everyone -
So, everyone always asks me if I have a mailing list, etc, where they can be kept updated on everything happenings, I have an old mailing list that I haven't updated in forever ...always fun, right ? ... That being said, I just created a fanpage on FACEBOOK. If you go and join, I will send out updates with all the latest news that you may wish to know ... LIKE:

-When is the sheet music for 'The Journey' and 'Goodnight' gonna be available ? (SOON, btw)
-When is the new CD gonna be available (SOON, to)
-When is the limited edition of DWA gonna be available (Yup, you guessed it ...SOON)
-When will you be uploading another youtube video of new songs (NEVER ....JK ....Funny, right ?)

So, simply follow this link and add yourself to the facebook fanpage ... I mean, what could be more fun (well, maybe entering Jason Robert Browns singing contest, but after that) ....

Enjoy the day ...-SA