Sunday, June 01, 2008

Blessing, Torture and a New 'DO !!!

As promised, it's time to reveal another song that will be included on the upcoming CD. BUT FIRST:

Ryan, my boyfriend, is in Cabo this week and I have the honor of watching his ten month old puppy, Henry. Henry has one of the cutest faces. He is an adorable Silky and on occasion, him and Billy, my five year old Bichon, get along beautifully. The problem ? He has pee'd inside three times already. I've walked him ten times yesterday, stopped giving him water after 8pm and still, this morning, he pee's in his sleep. ON MY BED. So, though it pains me to do it, he will sleep in the crate every night till his father comes back home.

Ok, enough of my ranting. ;)

I cut my hair. Why is this interesting to this blog ? It's not, I just wanted to announce it. I shaved my head. Well, not completely shaved it with a bic razor or anything, but it is SHORT SHORT SHORT. I don't know what I think yet. I am sure it will grow back in very soon, but it's a nice Summer 'do for now.

Ok, so the next song to announce ....will be ...


I will be honest, I was hesitant about putting this song on the new CD but I have gotten too many incredible emails from people struggling with coming out to their families that I didn't see how I couldn't put it on.

For those of you whom didn't see my recent blog where I sang 'Blessing.' 'Blessing' is a song that I wrote after coming out to my family, asking for their, well, blessing.

So, who will be singing it on the CD you may ask ?

Well, there will be TWO performers on the CD and they will be ....


We had a rehearsal for the song this past Thursday and it is going to be incredible. I am really getting excited. I go into the studio June 9th to start laying down the band. Nerves, I tell you, nerves !!!

Ok, I will write again in two more weeks with a new song and new performer. See you all then ;)

Best, SA