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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Tom Kitt and Tina Maddigan help Celebrate 'New Voices' October 8th

Tina Maddigan, who created the role of Sophie in the Broadway production of Mamma Mia!, will host the Oct. 8 edition of Monday Nights, New Voices at the Duplex Cabaret Theatre.

The series, created by composer Scott Alan, will kick off its third season with a salute to the music of High Fidelity composer Tom Kitt. Kitt will accompany the evening's performers — including Lauren Blackman, Randy Blair, Sarah Davis, Mykal Kilgore and Julia Osborne — on music from High Fidelity and his upcoming show Next to Normal.

Barbara Anselmi will be the musical director for the concert. Show time is 7 PM.

Composer Alan launched the series to "showcase some of today's brightest new talent in New York."

Tina Maddigan has been seen on Broadway in The Wedding Singer and Mamma Mia! She hosted "Road Trip" for the Discovery Channel and wrote and produced for Sprint TV. Maddigan is currently working on a one-woman show, and her debut solo recording is due in 2008.

The Duplex Cabaret Theatre is located in Manhattan at 61 Christopher Street. There is a $12 music charge and a two-drink minimum; for reservations call (212) 255-5438 or visit

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Dreaming Wide Awake info ...

I keep getting so many emails (including facebook and myspace messages) asking when 'Dreaming Wide Awake' will become available. The truth is, I don't have an exact date yet. I pick up the CD's on Tuesday and since we are going through CDBbay to release the CD, It all depends on when they are able to get it up on there site and able to get it up for purchase on iTunes as well. This could happen in a week, or it could happen in a month. Every order is different, so ... keep checking back here for updates. I want it out there as many as you do, so trust me, the moment it becomes available, I will shout it from the roof tops.

(I have to say, I am overwhelmed by how many people seem to be excited about this CD, and I couldn't be happier. I put everything into this recording, and I want you to love it).

Other have asked if they should order the full packaged CD or just buy it on iTunes. Honestly, that is up to you. The booklet in the CD is 12pages, and features lyrics to every song, beautiful photographs of all of the performers, a thank you page, and small 'notes' about each of the songs on the CD. If you enjoy the back story on where the song came from, then buy the CD through CDBbay. A lot of love went into the booklet. I wanted it to be an experience in itself. My answer would be what I would do. I'd buy the full CD and as I waited the 2-4 days for delivery, id buy it on iTunes. That's just me. I have a hard time waiting for anything. A very impatient person. I should work on that !!!

I will be honest. I am getting nervous. I am really proud of the CD, so dont get me wrong, but ... well ... now that the CD is done, I have become a one man band, and my nerves are kicking in. I keep listening to the first track over and over and over again, so I can hear what you will each hear when you listen for the first time. I know people release CD's all the time. I am no different, but I wont hide this incredible feeling, even though there is a pit in my stomach, and I know it won't go away until the CD is out there, and I get confirmation from each of you that it was worth it ;)

xoxo -SA

Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Mark this down now ... On January 7th, at 7pm, I will have my OFFICIAL CD release party at Birdland, with a concert NOT to be missed. This is the big one, and I can't do it without you .... so, January 7th, BIRDLAND ... Expect some of the incredible performers on my CD, plus more special guests ...and, of course, a CD signing afterwards ...

I CAN'T WAIT .... !!!!

More info to come soon ...xoxo

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Hold On ...

Hey Everyone -
I hope you are all doing fantastic. Things here have been going great. We laid down the final song for the CD on Wednesday and Thursday, and on Monday, we will do a final master of the CD. I couldn't be more excited. Beyond the amazing vocalists that many of you know on the CD already from the theatre community, I am excited for you to also fall in love with my friends Jill Zadeh and Katie Thompson. Both are incredible, and I know you will love them as much as I do.

So, we went back and forth on having me perform a song on the CD. Towards the ends of recording, we finally laid down a track that I wrote in 1998 for my song cycle 'Listen and Dream' called Hold On. I wrote the song for my mom, who was celebrating her 50th Birthday the day of the performance. The show was performed at Emerson Collage's Fireplace Theatre, and debuted two songs that are featured on the CD (Kiss the Air, which later went into 'Detour,' and Goodnight, which found its place as the final song in 'Piece'). Hold On was written after my parents separation and after a hard battled relationship with my mother over the years.

In the end, we decided not to include the song on the CD, but instead, premiere it on my myspace page. So, if you head over to that page, you can hear that song. it is just me, sitting at the piano, and singing the song. One take. Straight through. I have definitely grown as a writer since 1998, but I am still very proud of this song, and am happy to have it on my myspace page, so click here to listen to it now.

The cold wind is already starting, and Summer is officially coming to an end. This year feels good, though, and I can't wait to get it started.


ps. I also joined Facebook. I feel a little old to be on it, but it seems like everyone from Theatre is doing it (and I am follower), so if you have a profile, add me as a friend. ;)

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

'New Voices,' Recording,' 'Youtube'

Hey everyone -
Thank you to all of you who made it out last night for 'Monday Nights, New Voices.' What a great group of talent and the new music from Matt and Chad ...if that is any indication of how incredible there new show is going to be ... Ill be first in line ...the audience couldn't get enough .... The next concert is October 8th, with a brand new group of talent, so pleace come and support and help honor these talented folk !!!

Soooo, tomorrow we head back into the studio with Katie Thompson to record 'Say Goodbye,' and THEN, its time for packaging and to get it out there to all of you ..I can't wait ...I am a little nervous, cause when you put yourself out there, anything is possible ... but I am really proud of the work that went into this CD and I hope you love it as much as I loved the work.

So, Gretchen, one of Stephanie J. Block's biggest fans, has sent me a link of Stephanie singing 'Never Neverland' on YouTube from her Birdland concert ... and so, here is the link .... i hope you enjoy it ... Stephanie singing NNL @ Birdland

Best, SA

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Monday Nights, New Voices ...TOMORROW !!! (September 10th, 2007)

Hey Everyone - I know you are all waiting with baited breath on Britney's VMA performance, but while you wait to patiently (I sadly will miss it, as I am in the studio recording 'Piece' and then have work), why dont you make a reservation for tomorrow nights 'New Voices' concert ...we had a rehearsal yesterday and these kids are BRILLIANT .... Can't wait to share them with the world...hope to see you all then ..xo -SA

Wedding Singer's Sklar and Beguelin Will Be Part of Sept. 10 New Voices; Sexton Hosts
By Andrew Gans
31 Aug 2007

Coleen Sexton

Singer-actress Coleen Sexton, who is the current standby for the role of Elphaba in the national tour of Wicked, will host the Sept. 10 Monday Nights, New Voices concert at the Duplex Cabaret Theatre.
Matthew Sklar and Chad Beguelin, who received a Tony nomination for their score to Broadway's The Wedding Singer, will be the evening's guest composer-lyricist team. They will accompany the performers on selections from Wedding Singer and their new musical Judas' Mother, which is described as "a new musical comedy that follows the life of the Virgin Mary's best friend and next door neighbor, Reba Iscariot."
The 7 PM concert will also feature the vocal talents of Michael Buchanan, Mitch Dean, Mark Fisher, Samantha Massell and Patti Murin. Barbara Anselmi will be the musical director for the latest edition of New Voices, which was launched by composer-producer Scott Alan to "showcase some of today's brightest new talent in New York."
Coleen Sexton played Lucy in the Broadway production of Jekyll & Hyde; her performance was captured on the DVD of that show opposite the Jekyll and Hyde of David Hasselhoff. Sexton toured in Chicago, and her other theatrical credits include productions of Chess, Jesus Christ Superstar and Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. Her screen credits include "Law & Order," "Third Watch," "Guiding Light" and "As the World Turns."
The Duplex Cabaret Theatre is located in Manhattan at 16 Christopher Street. There is a $12 music charge and a two-drink minimum. For reservations call (212) 255-5438 or visit

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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Howdy !!!

Hey everyone - I hope you are all doing lovely. It is a little cloudy today, and I have some work to be done, but thought I would take a small break and say hello and do a 'catch up.' Things have been slightly crazy around here. We are in the studio recording a new demo for 'Piece' with all the updates and changes so that the regional theatres that have shown interest, can hear an updated score with the new arrangements and such. We have four fantastic girls singing the material - Julie Kliener, Anika Larson, Emily Shoolin and Becca Ayers. I doubt that these recordings will be posted to the Piece website yet, but maybe they will ...who knows what Tara has up her sleeve. Anything is possible.

Outside of all of that, I am gearing up for the next New Voices concert this coming Monday, September 10th, with an incredible cast, host and writing team. You can find out all the information on the MNNV page.

Oh, we also head back into the atudio to finish recording the debut CD .. Katie Thompson will be coming in with us and recording 'Say Goodbye.' I am looking forward to hearing it with a string section, and with a full band. It should be exciting, and I am so happy to give Katie that well deserved push. She is SO talented, and it irks me when I see someone of that degree not becoming the huge star that they deserve to be. If you haven't bought her CD, BUY IT ...It's available on iTunes. Also, a lot of people have asked what the title means. Well, the cover of the CD has now been released on the front page of this website. The cover of the CD is actually a painting that my grandma painting for me years ago, and it hangs above my bed. The name of the painting is 'Dreaming Wide Awake.' We went through so many different titles for the CD, and different cover ideas. One day, I was listening to the CD, and a new lyric in 'I'm a Star' sings 'I have Dreamt Wide Awake,' and it was at that moment, I looked up at the painting, and it all came together. The title also speaks to me as well in that way that I have always been a dreamer. My most vivid dreams dont come to me when I sleep, but when I am awake. I think the title means many things and in addition, I am really excited to showcase her beautiful painting, and inside the booklet, you will see more of her work as well. I know many of you will be buying the CD off of iTunes, so you won't have a chance to see the booklet, but for those of you who do buy the full CD, you will ... ;)

I have also made a major decision to go ahead and sell this CD on my own, without the help of a label. That means, I need help with publicity. If you write for your college or high school newspaper, and want to do an interview with me, I am allll for it ... if you want me to come to your college to speak or do a master class, send me an email ...I am down for the occassion ... Anything I can do to promote this CD, I am ready to do ...well, not ANYTHING, but ya know ...There will also be a special CD release party around January, as well, so hopefully everyone will come out for that and help me celebrate ...

Ok, that seems to be all for now ..I should go take the pup for a nice long walk ...Hope you are all doing fantastic ... Best, SA