Tuesday, August 28, 2007


I have been asked when everyone will get a sneak peek of the CD, and I am proud to announce ...You will get one RIGHT NOW .... Head over to my myspace account and hear the new version of 'Never Neverland (Fly Away),' sung by, who else, the incredible Stephanie J. Block. The CD will be available for online orders in October. I am very proud of the work that Jesse Vargas and I did on this CD, and I hope you love this new version of Neverland as much as I love sharing it with all of you. Leave me a note on myspace and let me know your thoughts. xoxo -SA


Monday, August 27, 2007

CD Press Release ...

The Press Release for the CD has officially been posted on Playbill.com. I am getting so excited to get the music out there, and I hope you will all purchase it when it is released. Here is the press release:


Groff, Espinosa, Block, Bean and Callaway Featured on Alan's "Dreaming Wide Awake" CD

By Andrew Gans
27 Aug 2007

Composer Scott Alan with Stephanie J. Block.

A host of Broadway favorites will be heard on Scott Alan's debut CD, which is scheduled for an October release on the composer's website; the disc will arrive in stores in February 2008.

Alan will head back into the recording studio Sept. 12 and 13 to finish the CD, which is titled "Dreaming Wide Awake: The Music of Scott Alan." Among those who will be heard interpreting Alan's tunes are Shoshana Bean, Stephanie J. Block, Liz Callaway, Danny Calvert, Eden Espinosa, Jonathan Groff, Jackie Hoffman, Cheyenne Jackson, Carly Jibson, Adriane Lenox, Shayna Steele, Josh Strickland, Tracie Thoms, Katie Thompson and Jill Zadeh.

Song titles will include "Never Neverland (Fly Away)," "Home," "Say Goodbye" and "If I Own Today," among others.

"Dreaming Wide Awake" was arranged and musically directed by Jesse Vargas. Vargas and Alan are the CD's producers.

Scott Alan wrote the book, music and lyrics for the musical Detour, which played a ten-week, sold-out run at the Complex Theater in Los Angeles. He also conceived and produces the monthly concert at the Duplex Cabaret Theatre, Monday Nights, New Voices.

For more information visit www.scottalan.net.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Say Goodbye and Magic

Many have been asking for these two pieces of sheet music, and now, since neither song is going to be in Piece any longer (tear drops, tear drops), I thought ...why not ...just do it ... make it happen ... So, either tonight or sometime tomorrow, or whenever my webmaster, Robbie, has a free moment of time, they will become available for you to sing at Bar Mitzvah's and Christmas parties ... Enjoy .... I hope the two of you whom wanted it so badly are happy ... much love ....xoxo -SA

Monday, August 20, 2007

Frustrated Flier ...

So, I go to the airport FOUR hours early, to try and go on standby for a direct flight from Seattle back to New York. I had called earlier, and it seemed like a great possibility. Alas, when I got here, 25 people had already signed up for standby on this flight. So, now, not only am I four hours early for my 11:45pm flight, but I have to then fly into Houstan at 5:55am, and then wait for two hours before flying into NYC, which I wont arrive till 12:45. Arggg, it's going to be a very long night. Being a bad flier, I will be drugged out on my xanax most of the time, but, I think I will be more nervous that I will I don't fall asleep in Houstan, waiting for my connecting flight.

The good news, though, besides the great reception the reading got in Seattle, is that I have internet access in this airport. The bad news is, my power chord went up in flames two days ago (literally), and so I am runnin on very low battery life. The good news is, I get to see my puppy tomorrow, and I have missed him. The bad news is, this airport is FREEEEEEEZING and I am wearing a tshirt. Blar.

As I said, the the reading at the Village Theatre was wonderful, and it was such a fantastic support team. Tara and myself got so much accomplised on the script itself, and I couldn't be more excited and happier by whats next for the show. Stay tuned ;)

So many people keep asking when the CD will be coming out, and all I can say is, we are working towards a release before the end of the year, and once I have an exact date, I promise you will be the first to know, as well as the full tracklisting, which I am so excited to announce.

Ok, that is basically all ...Oh, I totally forgot to say ...men are crazy ...I thought I wanted to start dating again, but im slowly realizing how tired I am of game playing .... Anyhoo, now that I got that all out of my system, wish me luck flying ..It is NOT fun being a bad flier .... I gave up drinking for a month (been going strong for over two weeks), but I think that I may need to break down and have a glass of wine before the flight and save the xanax for the flight from Houston to NYC.

ok, love to you all ...xoxo -SA

Monday, August 13, 2007

Time for Seattle ...

Hey Everyone -
I've gotten a few emails asking if I will be in Seattle for the Village Festival Saturday night. The answer is, YES !!! And I will be flying out tonight. Please come and say hi, if your going to be there. Now, remember, I am a HORRIBLE flier, so hopefully the flight will be smooth. I will be leaving in three hours to get to the airport.

For those of you in NYC, please go to the New Voices concert tonight at the duplex. I hear its going to be amazing. For those of you attend, please email me and let me know how it went without me ;(

I am on a small diet right now. I am a thin boy, but have a small muffin top, and so i've stopped drinking everything except for water right now, been working out (minus my pulled muscle in my back), and staying away from sweets. It's only been four days, but its going well.

I hope you all have a wonderful week. As long as my plane gets in, im sure I will, too ...;)

best, SA

Sunday, August 12, 2007

'New Voices' Concert is Tonight, the 13th ....

Hey Everyone -

So, just letting you know, despite what it says on the front page of this site, the next New Voices concert will actually be tonight (Monday, August 13th). This will be the very first New Voices concert I will not be attending, but I trust Barbara Anselmi will be producing a wonderful evening, celebrating three incredible new composers, and starring some incredible talent, including a few New Voice alumni. Here is the press release:

On August 13th, the acclaimed "Monday Nights, New Voices" series, now in its third successful year, will continue at The Duplex Cabaret Theatre.

The Monday night concert will continue its annual tradition of celebrating new composers in its special ‘Monday Nights, New Composers’ evening. The concert will celebrate the work of Michael Cooper, Will Van Dyke, and collaborators, Steve Routman and Joy Son. The evening will see some of Broadways best, as well as some incredible ‘New Voices,’ performing and
honoring the work of these talented new writers.

Performing will be: Nancy Anderson (A Class Act, Wonderful Town, Kiss Me Kate-London), Sebastian Arcelus (Wicked, Rent, Good Vibrations), Randy Redd (Some Men, Ring of Fire, Parade), Mamie Parris (The Drowsy Chaperone, 110 in the Shade), Stephanie Kurtzuba (Mary Poppins, Boy From Oz), Jill Abramovitz (Fame Becomes Me), Tom Gualtieri (National Actor’s
Theatre, Naked Boys Singing), Josh Lamon (Wicked tour) Michael Zahler (Spelling Bee tour), Carrie Manolakos (Mamma Mia! tour), Dana Steingold (Spelling Bee tour), Heather Spore (Wicked), Nikki Switzer (Rags Concert)

Michael Cooper recieved the 2005 Jonathan Larson Foundation, Daryl Roth, and Daniel Marshall Multicultural Awards (TRU New Musical Series). A graduate of the NYU Musical Theater Writing program, Cooper’s musical was featured this past October at the NAMT festival of musicals at New World Stages.

Steve Routman and Joy Son are currently developing a musical version of The Fisher King, and along with Cooper, are members of the Tony Award Winning BMI Lehman Engel Musical Theatre Workshop.

Will Van Dyke, a graduate of NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts (currently playing on tour with Wicked) is the composer of The Pageant Show, Pages, and Where the Blue Grass Grows. His musical Pages received a workshop at CAP 21 this summer.

Musical Director Barbara Anselmi, who has been with the series for over two years, will accompany some of
the evening's performers and will be producing the event while series producer, Scott Alan, is in Seattle
with his show ‘Piece.’

The Duplex Cabaret Theatre is located at 61 Christopher Street. Performance time is 7pm. There is a $12 music charge and a two-drink minimum. For reservations call (212) 255-5438 or visit this link www.theduplex.com for more information.

Monday, August 06, 2007

New Photo's from the studio ...

Hey Everyone -
Well, I guess most people have started to discover exactly who is on my CD. Even though it isn't oging to be released for a little while (still have so much to do, with packaging, and marketing, etc), I put up some wonderful studio photos, talen by the incredible Curtis Brown, up at my myspace page. There is a link to the page on the homepage of this site. I am really excited to get the music out to you. Yeeehhhaaaa ....Best, SA

Friday, August 03, 2007

Sorry ...

Had a bad night last night. I am sorry for my depressing entree last night. Thanks for all those that wrote. xoxo -SA