Wednesday, June 20, 2007

MIA ...

Hey there -
I have totally been missing in action, but only because I have been busy, so that's a good thing, right ? So, lets begin ...

Monday Nights New Voices went beautifully on Monday night, and it was an extra special treat to have composer Lucy Simon perform 'How Will I Ever Know ?' from her musical The Secret Garden. That was my favorite musical as a child. Dark and complex, the way I like them. Our cast did such a fantastic job, and it was so great seeing so many of our alumni in the audience, as well as many a Broadway stars. I always hate having to turn audiences away, but it was another full house, and so, I'd rather have to turn people away, then drag them off the street to see the show, right ?

As for the cd, we have three more songs to lay down vocals to, and then we go into mixing and mastering. It is all so exciting, and I couldn't be more proud of the results thus far. The talent on this cd is remarkable, and I am looking forward to getting it out there to a new audience, as well as all of you, whom have been by my side for much of this crazy, crazy ride.

I am looking forward to getting back to 'Piece' as well. We will start back up on July 16th, after my cd is done, and Xanadu opens officially on Broadway. If you haven't seen it yet, go go go. I'm looking forward to seeing it again opening night. Speaking of, I should go and get my suit pressed and cleaned. I wanna look sexy since I believe I will be sitting on stage at the opening. Yippeee !!!!

I think that is all there is to say as of right now. I know there is more, but, well, I need to keep my mouth shut sometimes, so I will do so, and wish you all a fantastic weekend. It's Gay Pride in NYC this weekend, so go and celebrate, and find me a cute boyfriend.


Sunday, June 03, 2007

My Love for New Writers

Hey there friends. I hope you are having a wonderful weekend. I am sitting here, listening to Georgie Stitt's new CD 'This Ordinary Thursday.' If you don't own it already, go purchase it. It's really refreshing, and moving and I am so happy to have it in my collection. All the performers, from Lauren Kennedy to Faith Prince to the incredible Carolee Carmello are in top form on this cd. It doesn't hurt to have great lyrics and melody to work from. I must say, I have never been one of those composers who are jealous of other composers work. I am a fan. I admire, usually from a far, but never jealous. Every composer has there own voice to bring to the table. I ran into a performer the other day, and she asked me what I was bopping my head to ... 'Well, I am listening to my compelation of incredible new writers.' I think I was listening to my pal Joe Iconis's 'Blue Hair' that Celia Keenen-Bolger demo'd for him. I love it. I love new work. I encourage each of you to go look at some of these new writers. Neil Bartram, Georgia Stitt, Joe Iconis, Deborah Abramson, David Kirshenbaum, Jeff Blumenkrantz ... Ok, some aren't as new as others, but they are brilliant. That was the only reason I was writing, but as I am talking about Kirshenbaum and Blumenkrantz, I am going to segway to Lauren Kennedy's new cd. I joined her in the studio yesteday afternoon, as she layed down the string section for 'Say Goodbye.' Now, I have said it before, but I sometimes forget it's my song. I am so fortunate to work with amazing arrangers, who get the meaning of my music, and give it a new pair of legs, if you will. Jim Abbot did such a beautiful job with 'Say Goodbye,' and of course Lauren's voice !!! She was telling me a little bit about all the songs on the cd, and it sounds like her follow up to her incredible cd with Georgia's husband Jason Robert Brown, is going to be just as incredible. It's exciting.

I really have been floating on a cloud. I made a promise to not discuss details about my own cd until it is mastered, and about to be released, but, working in the studio has been a blessing. It has given me back some life and has reminded why I love writing. Ok, that's all I am saying about it !!! LoL

Oh, I have to say congratulations to my friend and partner Tara Smith, who is producing Xanadu. I am so proud of her, and everywhere I go, people are buzzing about how much fun the show is, and I couldn't agree more. Go see it. I promise you will have such a fun time. As its still in previews you can get pretty cheap tickets, too. Whats better then that. =-)

Wishing all of you a wonderful weekend, and beginning of the new week. xoxo -SA

Friday, June 01, 2007

Just checking in

Hey There Everyone -
I am just checking in to say hello. Life has been really hectic, working at the bar till 4am, being in the studio recording the cd, and gearing up for the premiere of Piece, all at the same time. Yet, I feel so thankful at this time in my life. I feel excited right now.

Though my credit-less name wasn't attached to the press release for Lauren Kennedy's new cd, she will be in the studio on Saturday recording my song 'Say Goodbye' for her, as of now, untitled cd, and I couldn't be more proud to be in the company of A) all the other amazing writers on her cd B) Lauren Kennedy, someone I have always admire vocally and professionally, performing one of my songs. Since I have the day off, I will be stopping by to check in, and I am sure it will be amazing. Jim Abbot did the orchestrations and new arrangment of the song, and I trust that man with anything, so, I am just really excited. This year will provide me with so many firsts in my career. A CD of my music, my first song on another performers cd, a world premiere of Piece. It's just so exciting to see so many dreams shaping together.

I always say this, and I mean it more then ever. Your letters get me through the day, and make me so proud to be doing what I am doing. I thank you. I know I am extremely behind right now on responding, but I will get to everyone this weekend. If you are reading this, though, please know your words have been so gratifying to me.

xo -SA