Thursday, March 29, 2007

Thoughts, News, Updates ...

So many thoughts going on in this tight little brain of mine (random thought, I am watching The View right now, and I don't care your thoughts, but Rosie has made this show grow so much. I love watching this show every morning, and getting my updates on the prior days news worthy stories, and I even love hearing Elizabeths debates with Rosie. I do. Shoot me. I love it...Ok, end of random though) .... So, I have decided to start a new venture in my life, and I am excited to share this with all of you. I am going into the studio at the start of May to record a thirteen song cd with some of your favorite Theatre performers, new arrangments and orchestrations, and I am hoping to have a release date sometime in early fall. I am hoping that I can get a distrabution deal, but if I can't, I will sell it via this website, and via iTunes, and other online services. I have already enlisted some of my friends, and the list of performers is only growing. I won't be doing this alone, but I will keep all the details for another post, and once everything is set and ready to go. This is MONEY, so if any of you are very wealthy, and are truly interested in helping back this project (no, I am not kidding), feel free to email me at The cd will cost about $20,000. I have my own $5,000 right now to start the process, but am starting to send out letters to those whom may be interested in helping me get this started and out to the public.

I have some 'Piece' news, but alas, no contracts have been signed YET, and so I am still waiting so I can update you. On other news, I went out to see my father this past week. Minus the Stomach flu that I got my second to last day, that has just started to finally go away, it was worth the visit. I think we got a lot of our chests, and started to work on our relationship and rebuild what was broken. It won't happen right away, and as long as he is willing to work as hard as I am at achieving some form of relationship, then I think everything will fall into place. Only time will tell.

Ok, that seems to be all for now. I will update as much as I can. Even though I am on unemployment right now, I feel like im busier then I have been when I was bartending. I am trying to get my life in order, and it's been so much fun to work on my career and get it ready. Yeeehhaaaa ....
Wishing you all the best ...xo -SA

Friday, March 16, 2007

Ooookkkkk ...

Hey Everyone -
Well, its 2:22am in the morning, and I can't sleep. Why ? Cause I took Clariton to help with my allergies, and Clariton gets my heart beating pretty fast. I love that I am not sneezing, but I hate that it gives me this weird sensation, that I just don't enjoy. So, besdies that, what is going on with me, you may ask ? Well, A LOT actually. I will start at the beginning.

Rregrets. I have many regrets in my life. One of my greatest regrets in my life, presently, is not having a relationship with my father. We don't speak, know nothing about each other presently, and that saddens me. So, I took the first step yesterday, and told him that I would like to see him, spend time with him, and try to resolve some of our issues. I will be honest with you, I have always waited for that email from him, but I think there are things about people you can't always change, so I took the first step, and he responded from that. I will be going to Florida from Wednsday to Sunday, next week. If you live there, tell me where I should be going when I need to get away and get a drink and maybe hear some fun musical theatre folk.

Another major regret in my life is that I don't perform anymore. Well, obviously, I do concerts of my music, but I mean, perform in shows, in musical theatre Sooooo, I just got my headshots done, and I am going out on some auditions. Yes, I know, crazy, right ? I love to sing, I love to be in front of an audience, and I miss it. I have been very fortunate in my life, and in my career thus far, and feel very lucky to have some wonderful people assisting me in this. Trust me, I couldn't do this alone. Giving up a dream, and then, coming back to it, knowing that many people see you as one thing ...well, it takes guts, and I am proving to myself, that, maybe I have those guts.

In addition, I am going to be putting together a concert of my music again. This time, in Los Angeles. It will either be in April or May, and I will keep you posted on this. Already some of your favorites of Broadway/tv/film have accepted my invitation to perform with me, and I really can't wait. I haven't performed in Los Angeles since I lived there, would would BEG people to come see me sing. I hope it will be easier this time around. I know many of you live in Los Angeles and I hope you will come and support this venture. I will keep you posted, as I said.

We are doing a small round table reading of 'Piece' with some incredible actors on Tuesday, including the amazing Megan McGinnis, who I have heard has been ripping up the stage over at Les Miserables as Eponine, and Christiane Noll and Marla Mindelle. We are just reading through the script. It should be a good time. I am looking forward to hearing the new changes in the script. Also, on Monday, we will have another 'Monday Nights, New Voices.' I hope to see you all there. It starts at 7pm. It's ladies night, with the incredible Deborah Abramson as our guest composer. We needed a hot male to introduce the ladies, though, so the beautiful and sexy Matt Cavenaugh will be hosting.

That seems to be all for now. I will try and sleep, if i can. I want to thank all of your for your wonderful, and warm, and beautiful emails I have been getting recently. I mean it when I say, they make my day. I look forward to them. xoxo -SA

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

I didn't win the Lottery ...

I didn't win the lottery tonight. I was so sure I would. The voice inside my wallet said 'PLAY, PLAY ...WASTE ALL YOUR MONEY ..WE WILL WIN IT ALL BACK AND MORE.' I will never listen to my wallet ever again. Damn thing is worthless. I did write a new song for 'Piece' that I ADORE .... I think you will love it. It is very ME !!! I was talking to Neil Bartram the other day, about how I wish I could write more like him. He writes these beautiful stories. Everything just flows. I write anthems. Yet, we each have our place. Which brings me to The Pirate Queen. First, I have NEVER been to a gypsy run EVER. It felt like a high school reunion, and I was the biggest loser. Oy !!! Everyone knew everyone, and was hugging, and kissing .... and I was the litte loser in the back row of the Orchestra who knew all these peoples faces, but nobody said hi to. It's ok. I mean, I will just need therapy again. Since it was a gypsy run, and they are still in previews, I wont review the show. I mean, personally, I don't think people who are putting there art out there to be critiqued, should review other peoples material. Just my own thoughts. I will say this, though, that the cast is top rate. They are working there asses off on that stage. The dancing is so breathtaking. Everytime they started riverdancing, my heart started beating with such excitment. Maybe I should have seen Riverdance !!!! Stephanie J. Block is a star. Her second song 'Woman' is my favorite song in the show ...just fantastic. I loved it. I also loved that it was repeated in the second act with new context. I thought that was beautiful. Ok, I am reviewing this show ...aren't I ? I will stop. Go see it and support this working cast and crew of talented individuals. Scream loud for Stephanie and two 'New Voice' Alumni, Daniel Torres and Michael James Scott, and the rest of this amazing cast. I heard they have some great discounts for previews, so check that out.

I don't know what else to discuss ... Hmmm ...ya ... fun fun fun....Ok, I need to get sleep. Ohhhhh ...I no longer am working as a bertender .... lol ....I walked out ... I will explain when I have more time ...I will be poor in about two weeks, so go buy sheet music ...kisses ...hope you are all well ...xoxoxo -SA

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Todd Buonopaine ...

So, the problem with Monday nights in theatre is, there is SO MUCH TO DO ....Sadly, I will be missing my roommate from my Stagedoor Manor Years, Todd Bunopaine, who will be performing his solo concert at Ars Nova tomorrow night (Monday Night, March 5th), so that I can attend the gypsy run of 'The Pirate Queen' at the Hilton. So, I want ALL of you to go to Todd's show, which, I am CERTAIN, is going to be a HUGE success... So, the details ? Todd Buonopaine; Ars Nova @ 8pm "Broadway Spotlight Concert." I want full reports from all of you. xoxo -SA

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Kiss the Air ...

This will be the FINAL song added to the sheet music list until a complete songbook is put together in the coming weeks. 'Kiss the Air' has now been added to the sheet music page. I may not be able to get to all of the orders until Monday, fyi, so if you dont get them right away, please know, life is a little crazy right now. Hope you are doing fantastic. xoxo