Saturday, February 24, 2007

Monday Nights, New Voices on MySpace ...

Hey Everyone - It is still a work in progress, but go be a friend on the 'MySpace' Monday Nights, New Voices page at: ....looking forward to seeing you all there

Thursday, February 22, 2007

'Home' Sheet Music...

The Sheet Music for 'Home' (male AND female keys) will be available LATE TONIGHT via my website. I hope this make many of you happy !!! =-)

Monday, February 19, 2007

Hey All ...

I am just writing a quick little hello note. Life has been a little crazy, as of lately, and I apologies for not writing more. Tonight is the next 'Monday Nights, New Voices' and we have such a fantastic group of talent. I would love for all of you, whom are around, to come out and support them, and cheer them on. They are all incredible. Of course, having Jenn Gambatese and Jeff Blumenkrantz on hand, doesn't hurt. The show is at 7pm at the Duplex. Sadly, I have held off of having a cold for a good three months. I have had a small one, here and there, but nothing that has lasted more then a day. Today, I woke, and realized, I am getting the real deal. I have kicked it off for way too long, and now, it is about to hit me hard. Oh well. So is life, right ?

I am really excited to see my pal, and one of the original New Voices, Nikki Renee Daniels, as she takes over the role of Fantine in Broadway's Les Miserables this week, and next. She had an extra ticket for Wed. night, and so, I easily moved some things around so I could see my pal, and one hell of a talent, as she goes on. I can't wait. I was originally planning on going Tuesday, but hell, a free ticket works fine by me !!!

So, I go on Youtube sometimes, especially when friends or fans send me links of people singing my music. For the most part, I have seen ALL of you (and if there are more, that maybe I haven't seen, send them my way). I would actually love to post those youtube performances on my website. I will check with my web master, the amazing Robbie Rozelle and see if that is possible. That could be fun, right ? No ? Yes ? Anyhoo, Someone sent me this link, and It really made me smile, cause I could tell it took a lot of work, so go check it out, and leave them a note that you stopped by, ok ?

On a side note, I am extremely obsessed with this UK artist by the name of Amy Winehouse. PLEASE, PLEASE ....Bring her to America people. She is BRILLIANT ...Check her out if you can.

I am glad this was suppose to be a short message. Nothing to report on the business side of things yet ...Still waiting to sign conracts, so nothing can be said me, something major already fell through. So, I am happy I am learning to keep my mouth shut. lol. Wishing you only the best, and hope to see some of you tonight. Best, SA

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Erased and forgotten ...

I needed to erase my drunken post from last night, as I woke up to marriage proposals, and beautiful emails from all of you ...but, in the end, those that did read my rants last night, i am NOT giving up. When it finds me, I will be ready for it. More then ever before. Only the best, SA

Friday, February 02, 2007

New sheet music available NOW ...(no pun intended)

Hey everyone - Due to popular demand, Sheet music for 'Now' and 'It's Good to See You' from my upcoming show 'The Warmth of the Womb,' is now available for purchase via my website at 'I'm a Star' 'If I Own Today' and 'Never Neverland' (now available in the Male Key) are also available. Enjoy !!! Best, SA

ps. Home will NOT be available for purchase at this time .... kiss kiss