Tuesday, January 30, 2007

'Now' and 'It's Good to See You'

So, this is either going to piss some of you off, or make some of you very happy. Heck, in the end, I can't make everyone happy. I was planning on selling 'Kiss the Air' via sheet music starting this week, but have changed my tune, for the same reason I am not selling the 'Home' sheet music as of now. Sooooo, instead, since it has been eagerly requested, I will be selling both 'Now' and 'It's Good to See You' via sheet music, starting Friday night. They will only be sold as a pair, though you can also purchase them with the three other songs as well. My favorite thing about 'Now' is that it can be sung by a male OR a female. Both songs are from a show I am working on called 'The Warmth of the Womb' and I hope to get a reading of it done late '07. but we will see, as we are hard at work, crafting 'Piece' for its forthcoming debut. =-)
That is all for now. I hope you are all doing well, and looking forward to hearing you all on Youtube singing my music (What, you think I dont watch those ?!?!?! PLLLLLEASSSEEEE). Actually, I MAY do a special section on my website, where we post some of your YouTube performances of my music, so if you have posted them, and I havent seen them yet, email me the link. I am looking forward. Only the Best, SA

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Strange night ...

Last night was strange, strange, strange. Monday I got no request for 'Sheet Music,' so I figured that, ok, things are slowing down. That is cool. Then, I got home last night, and again, no sheet music requests. No worries, that's cool. Then right before I went to bed, I checked my email, and there were over a dozen requests. I started sending out the music (yes I do it myself), and everytime I went back to my email account, there were more and more, and more. Within a half hour, my entire first and second pages were filled with requests. I needed to go to bed, and do them this morning, and there were even more. Maybe the site was down on Monday ??? I don't know exactly, but it was very over whelming, but I aint complaining. Also, Barbara and I will be getting 'Now' and 'Kiss the Air' together, hopefully, by next week. I will only be selling those songs as a duo, so you will need to buy both. It costs me money to get these songs transribed, and it's not worth selling it as seperate songs otherwise since 'Now' is so new, I don't know how in demand it is as 'Kiss the Air,' but you men want 'your' songs, so I am trying to deliever and make you happy.

What else ? I went to the workshop of 'Xanadu' on Sunday with Jesse Vargas. Not much to report on that, as it was a private workshop, and it is not right to view my opinions, but I read the NY Post this morning about Jane possibly not doing the show, and I will say, they need her. She sells this show. It is actually an incredible project for her. She has a great chance of getting in on that Tony Nomination, believe it or not. She is that good. Her voice is in top shape, her comedy is in top shape, and she can roller skate like nobody's business. I mean, without her, well ...let's just say, they really need her. I was extremely impressed. The show is campy, and I do think that if they keep there entire cast that they had for the workshop, theatre people will really enjoy it. I don't know about the rest of the public, I really don't. Yet, everyone really has something to do, and with that amazing of a cast, you can't loose with everyone having something that you enjoyed. Is the cast, and the fun music enough ? Time will tell. Already, maybe I've said too much. I am happy I went, and found myself smiling a lot.

Hmmm, that seems to be all, sadly. No new updates on 'Piece' to tell you. We are still sifting through theatres, and hopefully some news can be announced shortly. Ohhh, our next 'New Voices' is going to be incredible. I love my cast, and my guest composer. I just need to finalize my guest host, and I will send that press release out. Very exciting. It's time for the gym now. I have been going four to five times a week, for this entire month. I am proud of myself. There are times I hate it, but I need to do it. For me. I find myself sleeping so much better at night, and with the exception of a small cold I had for one day, I have felt extremely healthy, which is a surprise. I always get sick around this time. Good times, great oldies. I hope your all doing well. I think I may be heading back into the studio soon to record some new music. This time, sadly, it will be me singing. Just some rough demos. I hope thats ok !!!! Ok, everyone have a great day. Get out there and do it. Best, SA

Sunday, January 21, 2007

When it rains ...

Hey Everyone - So, first let me start off by saying that tomorrow nights 'New Voices' is already sold-out, but if you are on the waiting list, still come down. We usually are able to get everybody in. We had a fantastic rehearsal yesterday, and it will be a wonderful show, hosted by Lauren Kennedy and featuring music by David Kirshenbaum. I am really look forward to it. Ohhh, Tonight I am going to see the workshop of Xanadu. I have heard really great things about it, and I am looking forward a wonderful performance. Tara, my writing partner on 'Piece,' is one of the producers on the show. I am going there to support her, and I am sure it will be brilliant.

So, Life has been crazy, in a GREAT way. I can't say much. I actually have been told to say NOTHING, BUT, I 'WILL' say something, because ...well, I have a big mouth ... This week proved, that when it rains, it pours. I will say this, and this only. 'Piece' will be gearing up for a few regional theatres, starting in a couple of months (crazy, right ???). We will be starting small, as well. Giving us a place to start, and look at the show on its feet, and then moving to some larger theatres. That is all I can say as of now. Yet, it's starting. Again, as of two weeks ago, it seemed as if there was nothing for us. Then, out of nowhere ...it started raining, and then, shortly after, it started pouring. Very exciting. I look forward to finally being able to see the audience react and learn from them what works and what doesn't. Tara and I are very open to change, and creating the best show possibly, so it will be really rewarding, and of course, I will let you know updates when they happen.

Outside of 'Piece,' some other exciting things have been happening for me. This I will definatly keep my mouth closed on, though, otherwise I will be knocking on wood every ten minutes. Yet, life is treating me well, right now. I am extremely excited by the possibilities that this may lead itself too, and if it doesn't happen, I can say I knew the excitment of 'what if' up to this point, and will keep striving to feel this again. I am off to brunch with 'someone' special. Have a great day ...xo -SA

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Being sick =-(

So, I woke up this morning, and new ...I was getting sick. Thankfully, I had the day off, and so after going to the gym (see, New Years Resolution is still going strong), and doing laundry, I basically decided to stay home, and rest. I am starting to feel better already. Honestly. Rest is so important. Especially when your body is going 24/7 and not having a break.

So, our Developmental reading for 'Piece' went fantastic !!! We really have a great product in front of us. I can't wait to get it out there. wink, wink.

So, after putting up three songs for sale in sheet music format, I have been asked by the MEN for more material for them. So, within the next two or three weeks, I will be putting up 'Kiss the Air' and the new song 'Now.' Both will be piano based. I hope that makes you boys happy =-)

That seems to be all for now. I hope your all doing well, and healthier then I. Wishing you only the best. xoxo -SA

ps. Monday Nights, New Voices Alumni, Nikki Renee Daniels, will be going on for Fantine tomorrow in Les Miz. Go cheer her on. I wish I could be there.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

WOW ....

So, I made jokes in rehearsal today that the sheet music would go up on Thursday, and i'd be happy with one or two requests ...WELL, it went up at 12am ....yes, 12am ....exactly ...and I'm so over whelmed by the amount of people who have purchased the sheet music already. I think what I love more, is that, everyone seems to be buying all three songs. That makes me feel AMAZING, because it's not just songs from 'Piece' you want, but my actual music. I love this. I also love that the new music JUST went up, and already, my mailbox and my myspace mailbox (I had over fifty new letters in TWO HOURS and yes, everyone has been replied too ... i will TRY my best, like I always do, to respond fast), were filled with these beautiful love letters that really touched me so much. I had a pretty hard day today. I was really down on myself. I cried a lot. So, to come home to that. Well, I cant begin to put it into words. I am sooooo happy you love the new music, especially I'm a Star. I wrote that song for YOU !!!! I hear your storys, and I know how much your also struggling ...I know what its like ..this song is YOUR song ...I made it short for a reason ...its YOUR audition song ...go in there, and knock them dead ..and when you win that Tony, you better fuckin' thank me ...love you all ..xoxoxo -SA

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

A sneek preview ...

You can hear two songs from my demo recording today on my myspace page ...'I'm a Star' featuring Marla Mindelle and 'Now' featuring Jonathan Groff. www.myspace.com/scottalanmusic ...enjoy and let me know what you think and dont forget to come back on Thursday for all the music ...xoxo -SA

Monday, January 08, 2007

Hey There ...

Hey Everyone - so, on Thursday, there will be new music in the media section. Recording went well today, and I enjoyed spending time with some amazingly talented people and friends. I think you are going to be really impressed by everyone. We also made a last minute adjusment today on 'Kiss the Air' that I think many of you will find refreshing and new. I will let you hear it on Thursday to see what it is I mean, exactly, but Jarrod Emick is a wonderful pleasure and such a talent and im so excited by this new direction he brought to the song. I am still doing some editing on the files, so that is why I can't put them up yet. I am listening to Lisa Brescia singing 'If I Own Today' now, and she is just so incredible. She acts a song so beautifully and is just a dream for a composer. I was very blessed today. All my performers were actors. I dont think Robb Sapp has ever sounded better. He hits some notes that are just so sweet, and Rashad Naylor is a star. I loved having them in the studio recording 'Its Good to See You' today. They are just so much fun to be around. Ohhhh, I think people will love Jonathan Groff's incredible delivery of my new song 'Now.' It is really touching. He is just a complete pleasure to be around. It is just so wonderful to see that no ego has gone to his head, even though he has every reason to allow it too. He is as down to earth a kid as a 21 yr old should be. Lauren Kennedy is just brilliant. 'The Dance' is one of my favorite songs in 'Piece' and its my hidden gem and her delivery is exactly what it should be. I am also excited to finally debut my new song 'I'm a Star' that I have a feeling is going to end up being the new audition song for women who can belt a high F sharp, like the 'star' Marla Mindelle, which shouldn't be tried by those who can't. PLEASE !!!! Speaking of ... If I Own Today/Never Neverland/I'm a Star will all be available for purchase on Thursday, as well. Pricing will be discussed before then. I haven't decided yet. Maybe $100 forr one page ? Just kidding ... it wont be anything overly pricey, so don't worry my friends. Ok, It has been a very long weekend, and I am exhausted. Really tired folks. I haven't had one second to breath, and this week is just as crazy. Now I must do some work. I hope you are all well. You are all amazing, and I love the letters you write me. I can't wait to debut the music Thursday. xoxo -SA

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Sheet Music ...New Music !!!

It is happening. Starting this week, you can purchase sheet music for either 'Never Neverland' or 'If I Own Today' via my website. What ?!?!? Could this be true ?!?!? Is sheet music FINALLY going to be available ?!?!? Yes, it is true. I will slowly add more songs to the list, like 'Kiss the Air,' and the new song 'I'm a Star.' I am so busy these next two weeks, but will start transcribing those song as soon as I can (they will be my own arrangments), so we can get it to you. I am excited to finally get the music to you. 'Home' will NOT be available at this time, though ... hopefully I can explain more why soon, but if that 'situation' falls through, I will be more then happy to add that to the list. Please head over to the media section this week, and start getting ready. You will ONLY be able to pay via paypal.com, so if you aren't signed up, this is the time to do it. In addition, the same day that the sheet music becomes available for these two songs, the new music will also debut on the site. I am looking forward to sharing this with all of you, and I hope you guys enjoy it as much as I enjoy giving back. Who's excited ?????????? xoxoxo -SA

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Listen while you can ...

All the music in the media section will be replaced next week with all the new recordings, and some old favorite ...Ya know, a little Stephanie Block singing 'Never Neverland' and some Shoshana sing 'Home. In addition, you will get to hear Lisa Brescia singing 'If I Own Today,' Robb Sapp and Rashad Naylor on 'It's Good to See You,' Jonathan Groff sing 'Now,' Marla Mindelle singing 'I'm a Star,' Jarrod Emick working his magic over 'Kiss the Air,' and the beautiful and talented and upcoming host for MNNV Lauren Kennedy singing 'The Dance,' with amazing arrangments by Jesse Vargas (just you wait, there incredible). I am psyched. I am with Jonathan and Jarrod tomorrow, working through there music, and then, I am going to go see RENT, which I cant wait. You know, I have never seen it, and so Christopher J. Hanke, who was going to join me in the studio, but the schedualing didnt work out (he WILL be joining me in the near future), invited me to come see it, so I am really looking forward to that. Can't wait. Then Friday, I'll be rehearsing with Barbara Anselmi and Lauren Kennedy and then at night, my agent and I are going to support Brian Lowdermilk, Kait Kerrigan, Todd Buonopaine and Jenn Cody and see 'Henry and Mudge.' Really looking forward to that, and to spending some time with Denyce afterwards and talking about this crazy month ahead for both of us. I can't believe how much is on my plate this January, but I couldn't be happier. Saturday, I have AM off, but work at night, and then Sunday, I work brunch and then at night, sit down with Tara and Danielle and do a sit down read through prior to the our reading this upcoming week, which starts on January 10th and goes to the 12th. Of course, then, on Monday, i am in the studio ALL day, and then I am going to TRY and catch my pal Nikki Renee Daniels at Splash on Monday night. I think her set starts at 11. If your available, GO ....She is AMAZING !!!! I may just be too tired, but I am going to try and make it with a friend. I am really excited by January. I just hope I keep for February as well. Ok, that is all for now ...im off to the gym ..Ive already lost 7 pound of fat ...lol ...only a few more pounds to go, and ill be happy ...thanksfully, some fat is staying on my face, which i like. Hope your all good ...xo-SA

Monday, January 01, 2007

New Year, New Me ...

Hey everyone. I thought I'd post a little new message before I go and meet Kerry for brunch and a movie. The New Year means a whole new list of resolutions I am promising myself to keep. Besides small ones, I only have one major one, which is the gym. How many of you have this as your resolution as well ? I bet almost all of you.... I am going to the gym four times a week, and that is a promise to myself. I started a week ago, and ,y stomach is ALMOST finally flat again, and it should be easy enough to gain my muscle mass that I have lost back. I gained 15 pounds in Cabo, and though, I think my face looks better with some weight on it, my body def. did not. I hadnt been to the gym since I got back, horrible, and so, I just kept gaining weight. I had gained over 25 pounds in total. Thats a lot of weight for me. So, now that I have started to loose that body weight, I am ready to start pumping my body back . Yeeehhhhaaaaa ..... Ok, that is about all from me. I have a lot of rehearsals this week as I get ready to go into the studio next week, and so that should be fun. I hope your all well, and had a fun, safe night last night. I had a great time with friends and strangers, but it was nice coming home to the pup and sleeping till noon. .Best, SA