Sunday, October 22, 2006

MNNV ...

Tomorrow is a MNNV you DON'T WANT TO MISS ...It's beyond amazing ... I promise you ..these kids are not joking ...every single one of them is a new voice to watch ...I love this series more and more every month addition, a special performance by Leslie Kritzer, some incredible new music by composer/actor David Austin, and a hot hot hot host, Mandy Gonzalez. You don't get better then this .... 7pm, Monday October 23rd .... xoxoxo -SA

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

ok, ok, ok ...

I should ALWAYS know that when I write a journal entree, YOU respond. So, after my last entree, I wasn't surprise at whom you all wished to set me up with. The best, though, was Barrett Foa. I don't know how much personal stories I should give out, BUT, that being said, three years ago, when I first moved to New York, after the first day that Shoshana and I had met to sing through 'Home' together, she called me and said 'I have the PERFECT guy to set you up with. He is in Momma Mia, and you're gonna love him.' The three of us were scheduled to meet up the next night. I showed up at the Hairspray theatre, and Shoshana walked out to tell me 'Barrett has the flu.' GREAT. So, We redechualed for two nights later, at a friend of Shoshana's birthday parties. I get there, I can't find Shoshana, so I am literally sitting in the corner of the room drinking my Corona (with a lime). Turns out, im in the wrong place. Good times. So, I go up a flight of stairs, and there is Shoshana and Barrett. Barrett and I say 'hello' 'shake hands' he gives me a look up and down, and then walks away. The next time I saw Barrett, he was hosting a MNNV. So, for the FOUR of you who suggested me and Barrett ....ya, not gonna happen. He IS a great guy though, so talented, very handsome, but we are very much acquaintances now.
The next one was Max Von Essen. Ok, another funny story. Before meeting Shoshana and Barrett and sitting on the wrong floor with my Corono, and before Jim Caruso's Cast Party was at Birdland, it was at The Supper Club. So, one night, Jamie McGonnigal took me to the Supper Club to introduce me to some theatre folk. It was actually the first time I had EVER seen Stephanie J. Block sing. I remember it so clearly. She sang 'He Touched Me' ... and then Billy Porter sang a Christmas Song. Ok, moving on. It was amazing. All these people I loved. Ok, so Jamie introduced me to this girl Zakiya Young, who has now become a very close, dear friend of mine, and was in the original 'New Voices' concert. Jamie sent me up to the stage to sing 'Home.' I was so nervous. I sort of tanked, but Jamie and Zakiya told me I was 'fantastic' ...So, I tried to believe them. At this point, I was horrible at doing business, so talking to people was NOT my strong point. When people would approach me about my composing, I would just sit there. Horrible. Ok, so Max ...Right ... So, when I got off of performing, Jamie said, oh, have you met my best friend Max. I had NO idea he was in theatre. I just thought, WOW ...This guy is gorgeous. So, I told Zakiya ...I'm in love. That night, I did my research and found him on Friendster (ohhhh, friendster) and friendstered him. He denied me. Hmmm ..Maybe he didn't remember this was that FANTASTIC composer he met at the Supper Club. So, I emailed him to say hi. Ya, nothing. Skip a few years later, and Max and I are now acquaintances, and he has also hosted a 'New Voices' concert, and, like Barrett, is beyond talented and handsome, but that being said, you kids have to try a little harder to find me a mate. LOL.
Oh, two people mentioned Jason Tam, who was incredible in A Chorus Line and should get a nomination, and someone mentioned Tyler Hanes, whom, like Barrett and Max, is MAJORLY out of my league. Ya ..Good times ... That being said, LOL, I am starting my gym workouts again with my trainer, because, I need my body back ... Horrible, I know ...But, I cant even afford dinner, and I am putting my money into training. I saw Jesse Vargas the other day and he was huge. I was like, ok, everyone is working out and looking hot, now its my turn ... yes, yes, i know ...pety ...GET OVER IT !!!! I want to be muscular ... and pretty just like the rest of the world ...
Time to go walk the pup and work on this new song for 'Piece.' xoxoxo -SA

Monday, October 16, 2006

Thoughts ...

You know, it's funny. I always thought that once my career started pushing steam, I'd be in an extreme daily happiness. Yet, life doesn't work like that. Things in my career are going well, BUT, I am still a bartender. Oh, did I tell you that once a week I bartend while 'up and coming' composers come and play at an open mic night and all treat me like shit cause I am just the bartender ? Did I say that already ? Don't know if I did ..good times ... Oh, and most of them suck ... (I am lovely, aren't I ?)
Anyhoo, I have some great news about 'Piece,' but, I can't say anything for some time, annnnd we are still talking offers, so ...hushhhhh ...but, people outside of NY will have a chance to see Piece in the near future, either way, is all I am saying. That being said, I decided that my heart is ready for a relationship. I had dated casually during the process of the reading for NAMT, and ended most of those 'situations' because I thought I should give my all to my career, but realized soon after, it was just not the right situation for me. There are people who will like you that you don't feel 'that thing' for, and you know what, there are people you will like that wont feel 'that thing' for either. Anyhow, this past week, I went out on a few 'dates.' Well, they weren't really dates, more like meeting as friends and going from there. Out of the five guys, only one guy offered to pick up the tab (and that was for a hot tea). I have a thing about the check. I don't do the 50/50 thing if things are going well. I think one person should pick up the bill, and the next time, the other person should pick it up. If the date is going well, and the person offers to pay 'there share' I know, this isn't for me. Sounds dumb, I know, but it's just how I am. As much as I like to be taken care of, I also like to take care of others. Anyhow, all the dates have turned out to be busts. There was no instant chemistry with any of them really, but, like I always do, I go for the second date because I don't like to make judgements on one date, mainly cause of my relationship with {j}. Our first date was horrible. Had no interest in seeing him again. He kept up for the second date, and, months later, we were living together. So, the second date is always essential. You can tell a lot more about a person on the second date. One of the meetings will turn to a good friendship though. Good kid. Anyhow, back to this reason I posted. I think my heart is ready to share it with someone else, and I am hoping to find that person, even with my life beign slightly crazy right now.

Side note, randomly, the fan letters this week have been so touching, and so beautiful ..and i thank you ...i think i've written everyone back ..if i havent, write again ...i sometimes just forget, but i get your words ...xoxo -SA

Friday, October 13, 2006

You guys are CRAZY !!!

You guys known more about me then I do ...Today I went to my email and saw, like, fifteen emails from 'fans' saying 'Marla Mindelle has 'Home' on her website from the Piece reading at NAMT. Well, she does have it on her website. NOT GREAT QUALITY, BUT, you will hear her ovation after the song (ok, it lasted 30 seconds...not three minutes, but hey, it FELT GOOD). It was the most incredible feeling. I can't imagine how she felt, but Tara and I loved every moment. I felt like a proud parent. You can hear the song on her site It's on the NEWS section. Many of you caught the new lyrics as well ... good job kiddo's =-)
For those interested, things look AMAZING AND PROMISING for the future of this show ... offers are coming in now and we are sitting with the best options .... keep you updated as we go ...xoxo -SA

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Join Gonzalez, Austin & Kritzer in celebrating our 'New Voices'

On October 23rd, the acclaimed Monday Nights, New Voices series, produced by Scott Alan, will continue at the Duplex Cabaret Theatre. The 7pm concert, hosted by ‘Lennon’ star Mandy Gonzalez, will boast the talents of Dani Marcus, Marla Mindelle, Kathryn Holtkamp, Mick Bonde and T.J. Mannix. The evening will also feature songbook selections by composer David Austin, who was featured in the off-broadway production of ‘I Love you, Because.’ Austin will take the stage to accompany the talent.

Leslie Kritzer, a ‘New Voices’ alumni, will also be a special guest, performing a song from her ‘Leslie Kritzer is Patti LuPone at Les Mouches’ concert at Joe’s Pub. The evening will be musically directed by Barbara Anselmi.

‘Monday Nights, New Voices’ was designed to showcase some of todays brightest new talent in New York. Now
in its second year, it has also become a wonderful platform for up and coming writers, as well as for alumni of the series to showcase what there doing now.

The Duplex Cabaret Theatre is located in Manhattan at 61 Christopher Street. There is a $12 cover charge and a two-drink minimum. Call (212) 255-5438 for reservations. Visit for more information.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Don't Judge a Book by it's Cover

Hey Everyone - So, today I started work on my new musical 'Don't Judge a Book by It's Cover' though, it may just be called 'The Bible.' I am toying around with both right now. I should actually say, I had written two songs already for the show, but, today, started putting down my outline pitch for a book writer. Hoping to start having meetings really soon. I know many of you are fans of 'Piece,' but I just hope you travel with me, and have just as much love for this new project. That is about all for now, SA

Time for bed ...

It is time for bed. The pup is sound asleep in his bed right now, after he stayed the day at Bisquits and Bath, and played for hours, while his papa worked, and now I think its my turn. BUT, you're probablly wondering, how did it go ? Well ....I feel very confident in what we presented this afternoon. I believe we got the response that we were hoping for. The actors performed our material so beautifully, and we were really blow away by the talent on that stage. Both of our shows received mini standing ovations, which is RARE for NAMT shows (I am sure someone was payed off to stand ...hey, we know it couldn't have been my money, since I have none ...). At the 11:15 show, people started standing, and I really thought "Oh, people are really trying to run out of the theatre, we must have sucked" and then I realized "Wait, there standing for us, for our cast, for what we have worked so hard on." Tara and I were scared to stand, because we didn't want to look like the writers who were trying to win the producers over with a standing ovations, but, in the end, we stood for our cast, and joined the others in the theatre celebrating our creation. We got GREAT response *as did our cast ...Marla Mindelle getting a rousing applause for over two minutes both times she sang 'Home' was so touching) , and we are really looking forward to talking with various producers and regional theatres. I really don't know how this all works, to be honest with you, so maybe nothing will become of it, but I will be more positive then that, and hope for some great word from our amazing consulting producers in the next day or two. Thank you to all the 'fans' who came to support the show as well. It was so nice to see all of you there, and I REALLY hope we lived up to your expectation of what you hoped the show would be.
Side note, the other shows were AMAZING ...Emma (which starred two INCREDIBLE performers whom did 'Piece' at Theatreworks), Dangerous Beauty, Jerry Christmas, Vanaties, Sun Fish, One Step Forward and Julian Poe ...I can PROMISE you, ALL of these shows will have life outside this festival. Each and every one of them touched a core, and I really can't wait to see where it takes all of, SA

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Say Goodbye

Say Goodbye is now on my music page on my website. For some reason, I am having major problems with my MySpace page, and nothing is loading properly, so this is where you can hear the demo featuring Katie Thompson. I hope you enjoy it. Best, SA

Friday, October 06, 2006

Hey World. Outside looks nice =-)

Hey kiddo's - How goes it ? Wow, this week has been a long one. I am not complaining at all. It's so inspiring to be at Ripley Grier and run into so many talented performers. That being said, we had a wonderful run through yesterday, but are about three minutes to long now for our 45 minute performance, so we are going through cuts today. After our run through, I was able to hear the band play the new beautiful orchestrations and arrangments by the very talented Jim Abbott. I was very happy. I made some changes here and there (when your not a trained 'musician' its hard to tell them exactly what you want, but, I know what I like, and so in the end, everything worked out very well. meaning, I got my way). The festival runs on Sunday and Monday. Our slots are both on Monday at 11:15 and 3:45. I know a lot of people have asked 'so, is it completely sold out ?' ...Well, I have been told YES, But, that being said, I was told YES last year, and guess what, I got into every show, so, even though its closed to the public, there is still a waiting line for the 'public' to get in at the New World Stages that many people don't know about, So, thats my hint to all of you interested in attending one of the eight shows. Never hurts to try.
While putting together our four songs for our demo the other day, I became concerned about putting too many ballads on the cd. Yes, I know, many of you know the ballds, and many of the ballads have been recorded, but there are some great uptempos in the show, so we went into the studio with Katie Thompson and recorded a piano and vocal track of 'Say Goodbye' with the newest lyrics. The demo will consist of 'Never Neverland' 'His Name' 'Home' and 'Say Goodbye' and will be passed out to all audience members. In addition, I posted Say Goodbye on my MySpace page, but, it's taken forever to completely upload, so maybe I did something wrong.
In the process of this all, I have started putting together the new amazing cast for the next Monday Nights, New Voices on October 23rd at the Duplex. Please come and support these talents. There amazing. The show is at 7. I am just waiting on my composer now, but after I get confirmation, I will send out the press release.
I close with this. The other evening I was bartending at the resteraunt, and these two men sat down at the bar, towards the ending of the evening. They were filled with attitude. One worked in the theatre. When asked what it was I 'wanted to do' I said, 'well, I am doing what I want to do, which is composing.' He replied 'Well, you must be really talented if your JUST a bartender. Once a bartender, always a bartender, sorry to tell ya.' I said nothing, but the dreams of punching him in the face came across my face. The reality is, and this goes for all of you aspiring towards something greater: Life has many stops and turns and red lights, but, every time you see a green light, make it your mission to use it to your full advantage. I believe in all of your dreams and aspirations, as much as I believe in my own, and I look forward to watching you at the theatre. And it wont be behind the bar. with love, SA

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

LB is a star ...

When Shoshana (Bean) came to see the Piece reading, prior to her being a part of the cast, she scribbled in my script 'LB is a star.' I am so excited that Lisa Brescia has been asked to move forward as the lead in Times they are a-Changin', and am more excited, cause two of my friends went to the show tonight. One had already seen the show, and, well, the truth is, he wasn't a huge fan. BUUUUTTTTT, tonight, he said that Lisa, though a small part, made it that much better, and they both actually loved the show this time around. Could one person change the way a show runs ? Well, if it's Lisa Brescia, I have no doubt, cause in the end, LB is a star. I texted her tonight ' The bridesmaid is now a bride.' Nobody deserves this more. I will be there opening night. xoxo - SA