Monday, February 27, 2006

Bad Day ...

It is almost 5am, and I am so tired ...I really am. I have worked every night this week, and today, I worked from 1pm till 4am, straight, with no break, and no sitting or resting ... I am not complaining, but I must say, today, I felt like I let my boss down, and I hated it. I had never opened the bar before, and I guess I should have known everything brilliantly, but alas, I didn't, and I was walking around in a daze, not knowing how to pop the popcorn, or clog the sink, and I didn't even know I was suppose to cut up celery for the bloody marys. He wasn't happy with me, and for the past three weeks of work, he has seemed very pleased by my performance, and so I felt like I let him down. Either way, I have been called in to train again on tuesday, and learn properly how to open the bar. It all just started my day off poorly, and as hard as I tried, I had a hard time getting myself to feel happiness. Of course, we all do this was this moment, that you think "I need my life to begin, and my career to fall into place." It's weird. I felt like I was on this wonderful high a year ago, and now, I feel like I am nothing. Replaced already before I had a chance to arrive. I must say, I just cant wait till March 13th, and I am so happy Barbara and Neil convinced me to join them in the performance. I cant wait to see all of you, and meet a few of you for the first time.... Ive rehearsed already with Lisa B, and she sounds beautiful, like always. She is just so talented, and gracious as well. I love that woman very much.
Ok, on that note, I need sleep. I hope this finds you all well ....xo -SA

PS. Is it weird that I feel as if I havent accomplished anything, and yet, I need to email 'fans' back through myspace, friendster and my web account ? My way of thinking doesn't make sense does it ?

Pps. Getting emails tonight made my night ....

Ppps. Thank you !!!!

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

An Early Night ...

This is one of the earliest I have found myself tucked into bed in about three weeks, mainly since I work until 4am at the bar now. Either way, I wanted to stop in and say hi and say that I hope you are all well. I had a wonderful day today, as Tara and I visited a cancer center at one of the hospitals in the city this morning, and really took in a lot of information for 'Piece,' so that we can give the role of Mother an honest one, and truthful to the actual battle of breast cancer. I teared up a few times, but it made my wanting to tell this story, that much more dedicated. The doctor that spoke with us gave us some incredible resources, and we will use this to better our script. I then walked around the city with my friend Rachel, her boy friend Richard, and with the pup. Then tonight I went to support my friend Damon and his new musical 'Ann E. Wrecksick' at Ars Nova, and then was lucky enough to catch a cab with Tara, who just happened to be passing where I was (we live next door to one another now). I ate some Chinese food, gave the pup a bath, and am just sitting here listening to Eva Cassidy.
Have I mentioned how excited I am about Les Miz coming back to broadway ? And is just me or does anyone else think that Stephanie Block should be playing Fantine ? Own person opinion, and no, I dont know any casting ....just think it's perfect for her ...she tells such a beautiful story in her face and voice, and I just think it would be a wonderful role for her to take on ....I'd be there every night !!!
Tomorrow I am meeting with Lisa Brescia, the sweetest woman working on the Broadway stage and someone who should be playing Eponin (let me just cast this show, will you ???), to rehearse for March 13th ....It is looking to be an amazing evening, and the lineup has some special guests that I will be announcing shortly.
I hope this finds you all well, keeping warm, and loving life !!! -SA

Thursday, February 16, 2006

I think ...

I think I am ready to be in a relationship again. I know, it's 5:40 am, and I just got home from work. Yet, as I eat my cereal, I thought it was important to say, I think ...actually, I know, my heart is ready to be in a relationship. It's actually pretty wonderful, because that means, my heart is fully healed of anything in the past, and that is just such an incredible place to be in. Ok, it's time for me to sleep and then go back to work ...nighty and pleasent dreams AND I am so excited that all of you seem to be coming to the next MNNV ... Can't wait to see and meet a lot of you ... -SA

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Monday Nights, New Voices - March 13th

Here is the press release that was released today for the next Monday Nights, New Voices. I have a feeling that this will excite many of you. I look forward to seeing you !!!! If you are under 21, email me at and I will get you added to the list.

The next installment of the acclaimed ‘Monday Nights, New Voices’ will take place on March 13th at the
Duplex Cabaret Theatre. The special 7pm show will take a departure from its usual program, and celebrate
three new composers, Neil Bartram, Barbara Anselmi and Scott Alan.

“I have been a huge advocate of new talent in New York City, and further more, I have been a huge advocate of
new writers. The New Voices program has given many new writers, as well as new voices, a place to showcase
their work. I have been a huge fan of both Barbara and Neil’s work for some time now, and feel humbled to
not only be honoring there talents at a New Voices concert, but joining them on stage as well." - Producer, Scott Alan.

Joining the new writers, will be some of today’s brightest stars, as well as some wonderful new voices.
The lineup consists of Wicked’s touring Elphaba andFiyero, Stephanie Block and Sebastion Arcelus, Wicked's Broadway Elphaba, Eden Espinosa, A Man of No Importance's Wayne Wilcox, Woman in White’s Lisa Brescia and Alysha Umphress, who won XL's Star. More performers will be announced within the coming weeks.

Last month marked a year since composer Scott Alan set out to produce the monthly series that showcases up
and coming talent at the Duplex Cabaret Theatre and teams them with established and up and coming
composers in a one night only event. In the year since its debut, many of todays most acclaimed Broadway
stars and composers have joined together to honor the 'New Voices' for there exciting achievments and to
celebrate there exciting future. Previous hosts have included Sutton Foster, Barret Foa, Cheyenne Jackson,
Jenna Leigh Greene, Matt Morrison, Chad Kimball, Lisa Brescia, Felicia Finley, Shoshana Bean and Kerry
Butler with special performances by composers Charles Strouse, Stephen Schwartz, Andrew Lippa, Jason
Howland, Michael John LuChiusa, Stephen Flaherty, Larry O' Keefe, Nell Benjamin and Musical Director/Arranger/Orchestrator Stephen Oremus. The show has gone on to see many of it's performers star on Broadway, touring productions and off-broadway success.

To hear clips of Anselmi, Bartram and Alan, as well as past clips from the Monday Night, New Voices program, visit

Thursday, February 09, 2006

How sad ....

I am so sad that Nick was kicked off of 'Project Runway' tonight ... I will miss his adorable face. I think I mentioned him in another post. I am convinced we are meant to meet and fall madly in love, though I am sure that will never happen, and if does, he will only get a restraining order against me. Then again, if any of you know him, or knows the person who empty's his trash, tell them to send him to me !!! I am insane, yes !!! Insanly in love with Nick !!! Oh, side note ..I think he was outside my apartment in the w.village a few weeks ago, and stupid me kept thinking 'how do I know him ..he looks so familiar." My dream of love has faded like Mariah's chances at winning more Grammy's.
Who else was routing for Mariah tonight ? Ok, I know you all think she is hefty, but I like her weight, and loved her performance tonight, and hated that every good show was on tonight. Why would American Idol broadcast against Kelly Clarkson ...and why would the Grammy's broadcast against Nick ? And why would Nick broadcast againast One Tree Hill ? It's all such a msytery to me. Btw, I have never watched One Tree Hill in my life ...but I felt like giving the show props ...what up OTH ...!!!
Am I always this much of a dork ? The answer, of course, is yes. I had a hell of a week. I have been working non stop. I also saw WIW on Sunday (Thanks Daniel), and all of this with strep throat. I am on meds now, but they don't seem to be helping me out. I have no patience at all. One day of medication and i want to be healed. Oy !!! If Nick was here, he's buy me soup and take care of me ....
So, I know I have said in the past that I wanted a relationship, but for the first time in forever, I am positive that I am ready for a relationship. I just told mt friend Damon this, and I meant it. Sometime's your heart tells you that you are actually ready. I dated Doug whil my heart was still bruised by Jason. I never gave him 100%. Even months later, when we tried to "test the waters" again, I knew, secretly, I was still bruised. People always say that there comes a moment you feel free, and I know this is my time. I look forward to hopefully finding that special someone (Nick) in the near future.
I am gearing up for another MNNV on March 13th ...I hope you all will be making it out that evening ...we are lining up some amazing talent, and Barbara and Neil's music needs to be heard (yes, I am performing my material as well...but I believe I will fall third to there talents that evening ....Nick would help me with my convidence).
I hope this finds you all well ... -SA

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Hello again !!

What a wonderful evening we had last night. What talent. So happy some of your were able to make it out and celebrate with us. We had a wonderful audience, and Bill Russell couldn't have been any nicer. Oh, and the final number of everyone singing "I Will Never Leave You" !!!! HOW AMAZING WAS THAT ? Well, the standing ovation stood for itself. I am so proud of the talent, and this series. It's funny, because it takes a lot out of me. It takes time to put a show like this together. I am not complaining at all, because I really do love it, and I don't do it for anything other then that. Someone asked me last night how much I personally make from these evenings. Well, last night, I made $20, which covered my costs, and so in the end, I walked with negative amount. Again, if I didn't think it was essential for the audience to be exposed to such talent, I wouldn't continue it, but It is really one of those standout shows in the city, and Kathy Deitch said it best when she said "it started from nothing, and has become a part of NY." I couldn't be more pleased.
On March 13th, I hope you will join me as we give you "Monday Nights, New Music, New Voices." You will have the chance to hear new music by Barbara Anselmi, Neil Bartram, and myself. Featured will be some wonderful new voices, as well as some VERY special guests. It is a show you don't want to miss, and since reservations have already started, I will tell you, it's a show you should reserve tickets for now. 212.255.5438. Under 21 ? Email me @ and I will add you to the list. If you have a guardian with you, please have them make a seperate reservation at the number listed. I am very excited to debut two new songs from 'Piece,' as well as tell you about my new project, and debut a new song from that as well. Yes, a special somebody will be singing 'Never NeverLand' as well. For the most part, I will be singing my own material. Barbara and Neil, though, will have the talent raising out of the rooftop. I will leave it at that.
Ok, for now that is all ..I have more to say, but I am going to bite my tongue for now. xo -SA

Friday, February 03, 2006


Oh my God, I feel like it has been forever, and so much has been going on with me. First, I am tired. I am working way too much, and I am run down. I wont lie about that. I am exhausted, and just wish I had a few moments to sleep, but the reality is, so much is going on, that I need to run with it. I guess my downtime will be writing to all of you beautiful people. Well, let's start here. On Monday night, at 7pm, we will have another MNNV, and I said it before, but I mean it. THIS SHOW IS OUR GREATEST ONE !!!! Our talent is beyond brilliant. I can't even stand it. You are all going to discover so many amazing artists. We have never had a "Closing" number, but with five diva's, and Bill Russell as our special writer for the evening, it was only fitting to have all the girls close with "I Will Never Leave" from Russell's Side Show, and from what I hear, there is some great stories by Russell to go along with the performance. In addition to that, Emily Drennan will tackle the cut song "She's Gone" from Side Show. Some of you have heard the tune sung by Alice Ripley, but there is an extended version, and that will be performed for the first time that evening. We are very lucky. If you can, I urge you to attend. If you are under 21, contact Gabby asap at
Ok, so, then on March 13th, we are gearing up for the next show, now being called "Monday Nights, New Music," as Neil Bartram, Barbara Anselmi and, well, MYSELF, will take to the stage at 7pm, to showcase some of our work with some of your favorite voices singing. We have already natched two top performers, and you will NOT be dissapointed. Only one person can sing Never NeverLand, and that is all I am saying. Hmmmm ...!!!! I will be debuting two new songs as well.
Moving right along. My new job is going great. I am not really ready to take my shirt off tomorrow night, but I have no choice. So, where is it I am working, exactly ? It's a gay bar called the O.W. Bar, located on 58th btw. 2nd and 3rd. Why am I telling you all this ? Well, on Sunday nights, its unlimited beer for only $10, and I am working all by myself, and I want to see your beautiful faces (those over 21 that is). I will also be playing Theatre music all night, and I am hoping you will sing along with me ....Oh, it is going to be fun .... From time to time I will have celebrity co-bartenders join me as well. I will, of course, let you know about those when they happen. I think we will do that the last Sunday of every month and we will allow the guests to also raise money for there favorite charity's, so it should be wonderful and rewarding for all those involved. I hope to see you on Sunday and, then, Monday.
IM NOT DONE YET !!! We are really working on perfecting 'Piece.' I am so proud of Tara's dedication, in making sure everything fits. The truth is, after our workshop, we had major interest, in backers and in even a bway theatre, but Tara and I are smart and we dont want to rush in because it's there. We want to be confident in what we are putting out there, and there is still a lot of work to be done, but we are both so excited by the new direction we are going in, and though there will be major changes, the heart of the show hasn't changed at all. It's still there. We are just allowing the audience to invest more in each character and raising major stakes. Many of the songs will be cut. All I know is that "His Name," "Say Goodbye" " Never NeverLand" and "Goodnight" will remain. Outside of that, anything is possible. I am gearing up to re-write the opening song. "How Did it All Begin ?" Will be cut, but parts of the song will remain in tact.
So, with three jobs, re-working 'Piece,' and the upcoming MNNV's, I have reason to want a nap, but there wont be any in my near future. I feel confident that by September, Piece will see the light of day. Also, look forward to new recording coming in the next few months, as we record a demo of the newest material. Just a lot on the plate, but being busy is good. All I need is an hour to work out for my shirtless Saturday nights .... See you all soon, I hope ...xo -SA