Saturday, January 28, 2006

Thoughts ...

Today I was hired at a new job. A new bartending position. A gay bar. I will see all of you, and be serving all of you. I will be wearing no shirt. I start training Monday. I don't care how talented each of you are. In the end, you find a job that allows you to make money and work out your passion. Do I have the best body ? No !!! Will I be working out three hours a day for the rest of my life ? Hell to the No !!! But, I may be working out two and a half hours every other day for the rest of my life. It is a job. Don't come to NY thinking you will land a job on Broadway right away. Everyone pays there dues. Some are luckier then others, but I can promise you, get ready to have get your hands rough and dirty. I am now working three jobs. Hopefully, I can find one job that allows me to make what I need to pay bills, be a good papa to my pup and save enough money to get my newest work up on my own, without the need for 'major' backers and producers. I hope this finds you all happy and healthy. - SA

Friday, January 27, 2006

MNNV ... February 6th

The acclaimed Monday Nights, New Voices series at the Duplex Cabaret Theater will continue Feb. 6 at 7 PM.

New Voices creator (and composer) Scott Alan will co-host the evening with Kathy Deitch, who has appeared on Broadway in Wicked and Footloose. The evening will spotlight the talents of several female vocalists, including Rena Strober, Kate Pazakis, Emily Drennan, Emily McNamara and Mamie Parris. Guest writers for the concert will include Laura Brenneman and Bill Russell, and one of the highlights will be a performance of “She’s Gone,” a song cut from Russell and Henry Krieger’s Side Show.

The New Voices series spotlights "lesser-known talents working in New York.” The upcoming performance will feature musical direction by Barbara Anselmi.

The Duplex is located in Manhattan at 61 Christopher Street. There is a $10 cover charge and a two-drink minimum; call (212) 255-5438 for reservations. Visit for more information. Those under 21, please email Gabby at to make a reservation.

Sunday, January 22, 2006

You asked for it....

On the MNNV music page, you will now find two demo recordings of Neil Bartram's "Mrs. Remington" and Barbara Anselmi's "Perfect." You asked for both, and you got both. There is contact info for them both, so start writing your fan letters now. Enjoy. -SA

Friday, January 20, 2006

MNNV, February 6th ...WOMEN ONLY !!!

Ok, I am very honest on this blog. We have had some major talent perform during MNNV. We have also had some rather lucklaster talent. There have been some shows I have bee embarrassed by, and some I just can't believe the talent we got in one room, on one stage, one night. Well, THIS IS THE NIGHT !!! Everyone of our singers is a star. Emily Drennan, Kate Pazakis, Emily McNamara, Rena Strober and Mamie Parriss. THEY ARE ALL AMAZING. I am still working out the kinks for our composers and host, but if everything fllas into place, do we have an amazing night for all of you. The show is at 7pm, and again, those under 21, just email Gabby at, and in you go. I PROMISE ALL OF YOU ...This show is NOT to be missed ...we wont be having another MNNV until late March, so this is your chance to see some upcoming talent. I can't wait. xo -SA

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Yesterday ...

Last night, my Ipod broke. Again. For the third time. Oy ! I can't live without music, and after a long night of bartending, not having music blazing in my ears while sitting (or standing) on the subway is a total sin. So, I found my old getto tape recorder and took two random tapes for the journey. A month ago, my ex had called. Said he was moving, and packing everything up. He had some of my belongings I left behind. Along with pictures, a new journal, and some random nick nakes, he found two tapes. One of the tapes was my own personal recording of Stephanie Block singing at the Standing Ovations concert, and the other tape was from my Easter show two years ago, which was my second show ever in NY, and featured Cheyenne, Shoshana, Courtney Balan, Schele, Kate Wetherhead and Billy Porter. So, that is what I listened to. The standing ovations tape is just hysterical. Jason and I were running very late to Joe's Pub, and missed the whole video at the start, and got there just in time for there introduction of Stephanie's performance. So, I pushed record, got ready to hear my song, and, alas, she sang "He Touched Me." I was so confused. The truth was, I didn't even know if Stephanie was singing the song or not. I hadn't heard her sing it yet, and had no clue if it was actually happening or not, due to some minor politics. So, for the next 45 minutes I was pissed, and getting wasted with Jason at the bar, drinking and drinking and drinking really strong Margarittas. Then they re-introduced Stephanie. I had put away my tape recorder, and on the tape you hear me say "fuck, fuck, Ok, I think I got it." Even better is at the end of the song, you hear Felicia Finley running up to me to tell me "You are a genius." Felicia and I had talked prior on the phone, but never met, but I was a huge fan. You also hear Jason tell me he loved me on the tape, but that's for me to discuss within a therapy session. LoL. I remember leaving that night, and making Jason listen to the tape twenty times with me on a park bench on the way home, while a homeless man actually had the right to look at us crazy, like "Um, go to Never Neverland and stop playing that tape already." It's funny how small symbols of your past remind you of so many wonderful moments. The second tape, from The Duplex, was hard to hear due to the low volume of quality, but it's crazy, because when I introduced Cheyenne, nobody was screaming, or crying, or begging for him to be there's (except for my mother, that is). Nobody knew who he was. He was an understudy in AIDA, and had yet to have a a huge poster in all of Times Sqaure with his face alluring the city. Those times we're pure for me. I didn't even remember that Cheyenne sand my song "Blessing" and Courtney and Kate singing "Never NeverLand." It's weird to be at a place in your life where you're aware that you can never go back. NEVER. You will never be in that place ever again. I loved that place. PURE.
Tara and I met this morning as we work through our kinks for 'Piece,' and started getting ready for the journey ahead. We have some beautiful new ideas, and I left, extremely excited. I am also excited to say that right now, we are looking to publish the sheet music for 'NNL' and hopefully, it will be available for purchase within' a month or two in stores. I am not promising anything, but I hope so. That is about it for now. I hope this finds everyone well. I am off to bartend. I hope everyone else is enjoying there lovely day/night jobs, and working hard to make it out of there alive. XO - SA

Tuesday, January 17, 2006


I just wanted to Thank all of you who came out for our Anniversary of "Monday Nights, New Voices" last night to celebrate with us. Could that room have been more crowded ? I was upstairs in the green room with the performers and at 6:30 Gabby taps me on the shoulder and goes "Um, we're packed, and there is still a line...." It was so rewarding. I loved having you there, and loved the applause for the performers, I just loved it all. I am so excited for our next show, which is only three weeks away, on February 6th. The cast is UNBELIEVABLE, and our host and composers are UNBELIEVABLE, and I will put up an official press release next Monday, but save the date now. February 6th, at 7pm at The Duplex. I look forward to seeing you all there again. Gabby will be taking names for those under 21, so feel free to email her at and drop her your name. It was so wonderful seeing those under 21 last night. I hope to see each of you again. Until February 6th ...xo -SA

Monday, January 16, 2006

Monday Nights, New Voices ...

I hope to see many of you at the one year anniversary of "Monday Nights, New Voices." Making appearances will be Avenue Q's Barrett Foa, and joining the cast will be BARE's Natalie Joy Johnson ...AMONG other amazing surprises is the press release ..Hope to see you all there ...xo -SA

The acclaimed Monday Nights, New Voices series at the Duplex Cabaret Theatre celebrates its first anniversary Jan. 16.

The series, which spotlights "lesser-known talents working in New York,” was created by producer/composer Scott Alan. During its first year the concerts were hosted by such theatre favorites as Sutton Foster, Barrett Foa, Cheyenne Jackson, Jenna Leigh Greene, Matthew Morrison, Chad Kimball, Lisa Brescia, Felicia Finley, Shoshana Bean and Kerry Butler with special performances by composers Charles Strouse, Stephen Schwartz, Andrew Lippa, Jason Howland, Michael John LaChiusa, Stephen Flaherty, Larry O'Keefe, Nell Benjamin and musical director Stephen Oremus.

The first anniversary concert, which will be held at 7 PM, will be co-hosted by Alan, Becca Ayers, Barrett Foa and Daniel Torres. Performers are set to include Todd Buonopane, Peter Previti, Natalie Joy Johnson, Matthew Tweardy and Amy Barker. Each of these singing actors will be accompanied by such up-and-coming composers as Eli Bolin, Barbara Anselmi, Neil Bartram and Alan.

The evening will feature musical direction by Barbara Anselmi.

The Duplex is located in Manhattan at 61 Christopher Street. There is a $10 cover charge and a two-drink minimum; call (212) 255-5438 for reservations. Visit for more information. (Those under 21 should contact Gabby Pasternak at for admission information.)

Friday, January 13, 2006

What they don't tell you ...

Tonight, I started a new job. I am still bartending at my lounge on the upper east side, but, I was hoping to find something a little closer to my home, so I found a very popular resteraunt in Chelsea, applied, and got the job. Now, I applied to be a bartender, but since they are only looking for servers now, I decided I would take the go, and walk the line again. I really enjoy being behind a bar. There is a strange power you have over other people. Yet, being on the floor. People have the power over you. It's a strange world that I wasn't looking to head back into. Tonight was my first night training. My fellow servers are do we say this ...HOT !!! I was already very uncomfortable around them ... we get to wear daywear attire and they are all wearing there DKNY tight shirts, and then there is me ..the little Jew from Long Island, in a long sleave shirt I got at Old Navy for $9.95. One of the first tables that came in was a good friend of a dear friend (who I miss deeply !!!), and so it was good to see him again. He came there was a friend of his who is moving to the city to pursue acting. At the end of there dinner, I stopped over to say goodbye, and his friend said "I heard you wrote Piece. I just wanted you to know that I listen to the music almost everyday, especially "Magic." It was very sweet, and made me smile. Then, as quickly as my smile began, it faded just as quickly. I approached a table, who's first line was "you must be new. You don't really fit in here," they said. "I don't," I replied, "Why is that ?' "Well," he said, "everyone here is beautiful. You just don't fit in that's all." The smile fell, and as quickly as I had felt pride from my compliment, a felt horror from my insult. I went to the bathroom, and felt the tear starting. One thing that must be know is, I don't see myself as a beautiful person, physically. I am not fishing for compliments, and don't want pity emails from that statement. I never heard compliments from my parents growing up. In actuallity, I heard the opposite. I was a nerd growing up. I admit it now, but, the words that I heard as a child, have stayed with me to this day, and I just have never been able to look in the mirror and see beauty. So, just being around these beautiful men im working with, well, it makes me feel out of place, and so, add that on with this a**holes remarks, it almost beat me. I have no backbone. I seem fresh, I seem aware, but when im down, im down. My whole personality changed, and everyone of the servers noticed it, including the manager. This being said, I don't think I will be asked back tomorrow.
I do have a small challange for everyone though. First, a short story, though. Sooooo day, I was talking to my friend Dani on the streets of NY, when a woman walked up to her and said "wow, you have beautiful features" and then just walked away ..She didn't want anything in return, just to say what was on her mind. Dani's night was changed forever, and in her eyes, you saw the twinkle. So, I challenge you tomorrow, or sometime this weekend, to walk up to someone, anyone, on the street, in your class, your best friend, your worst enemy, and tell them something TRUE that will improve there day. I don't care who you are, start someone's day off with a smile, and see how it makes you feel. I'd love to hear your stories. Challenge yourself a little, step outside of your own box, and feel free to compliment others, without feeling the need to want a compliment in return. I challenge you. You wouldn't pass on a challenge, would you ?

I hope this finds you all well ... xo -SA

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

And 2006 begins ...

I said that in 2006 I would start dating more. I would actually go out there and date. Well, I've started, and some have been great, some good, and some have just been horrible. Trust me, some have been H-O-R-R-I-B-L-E .... Anyhow, last night I went to a piano bar and sang some tunes with some fellow theatre lovers. At once point, the pianist had to take a bathroom break and asked me to sit in, so I played a little, and ended with ...."Never Neverland." It was a blast ... I am really loving my new apartment. I am searching for another bartending position, since my job has turned to a part-time situation since the workshop for 'Piece,' because they hired on another bartender to help out with the sched. So, I am looking around for something new, or an addition to my current position. I wouldn't mind something closer to home, since the treck is a little far for me, but alas, I'll take whatever is out there and paying ...haha ... The pup is still as cute as ever ...every morning he searches for a place to hide his bone, and then, forgets where he put it, so he starts getting slightly crazy in his pursuit to find it. It's very cute. He always finds it, though, and looks so pleased with his efforts in the end. My mother and sister are leaving for London today, so I have to help my sister with her suitcases, and then im off to work. Still waiting for my box spring to arrive this morning. The dropped off my mattress last Sunday, but the box spring wouldn't fit, so they had to bring my two single box springs to make one. It will be nice to not be sleeping on the floor anymore, though my mattress is VERY comfortable and I am very happy with it ...
I hope all of you are planning on coming to the MNNV on Monday night ...It will be a blast, and I would love to have you there, helping me celebrate a year !!! I still can't believe it's been a year ..we have some surprises in store as well, THOUGH, people keep asking me if random people are coming ...Um, I dont know why Idina Menzel would randomly be there ...i mean, if she wants to come, im down ...but i can assure you, she wont be there ..that's not the type of surprise I was talking about ...
Side note, I am so obsessed with the show "Starting Over." I can't wait to see who the new house mate is ..they have been playing repeats, and I am ready to see the new house mate that they bring in looks dramatic ...I think we can all learn from the show ...I like the idea and concept, and even though its a basis of these woman looking at themselves in the mirror, I think it's something we can all do within our own lives. If you have the time, I think you should check it out. Ok, that is all for now ...wishing you all the best ....xo -SA

Friday, January 06, 2006

MNNV and MySpace ...

First off ...How fun is MySpace ? I have found everyone from the theatre world on there ..It is brilliant, and highly enjoyable, and I can't believe how cute all of you are ...Some of you have been writing me letters for some time now, and it's so highly enjoyable to be reading about you, and seeing your pretty little faces ... loving it. I also love that some of you call me your "hero." Ok, I don't know if you added that after you asked me to join you on MySpace, or if that actually was written prior, but I am so honored by that. For those of you who haven't seen the MySpace profile, head on over and say hi: ... Speaking of Hero's ..I hate to say it, cause people laugh, but I have been a huge fan of Mariah's for years now, and she did a remarkable interview with Liz Smith recently and if you head over too, you can read it through and through ..I just think it speaks so highly of someone who had such drive, and wanted it so badly, and I love reading an interview when someone says they never doubted themselves, and they knew everyone must fall at one time ...I think it's an interesting read, and I think those of you who sometimes are down and feeling isolated and alone, and scared of what tomorrow is all about, should read it ..Just my personal thoughts ....
Onto MNNV ...Ok, January 16th is going to be incredible. Our cast is wonderful, our hosts are amazing, and I just added two VERY special guests to the lineup ... it would be a very popular idea to make reservations by calling 212-255-5438. In addition, I will be taking the stage, hosting a little bit, as well as joining one of the performers for one of my tunes, at the piano. And yes, Becca and Daniel will both be singing ...but I can't say what yet's a surprise ...the whole night is a surprise ..let's just say that ..not even my assistant Gabby knows everything's all a big surprise that I am only aware of .... and I LOVE that ....but you have to be there to see ....if you're under 21, you can go ....just email Gabby at with your name, and she will add you to the list very exciting .... Ok, I am off now to go make cosmo's .... gotta love it ....oh, side note ...I have another secret ....a new show writing ....very exciting .... ok, again, hope to see you on the 16th, and I will write more soon ...SEE YOU AT MYSPACE ...xo -SA

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

My Space and the new year !!!

So, I finally did it ..I signed up for My Space and I figured out how to add music ..My site looks lame, cause I still don't know how to decorate it, BUT, I'd love to see some of you there, so head on over: .... There are four songs on there, including Fly Away (aka Never Neverland - Featuring Ms. Block) and three live songs, Anymore (Featuring ME), Home (featuring Shoshana Bean) and The Dance (Featuring Cheyenne Jackson). The last three clips are new, and aren't featured on this site, so that's very cool, right ? No ? Ok, well I tried. Hope to see you all there. Oh, and ps., you can download the tracks ....
So, I moved. Yes, it's true, I moved, and I am so happy, and so is the pup. He is currently running all around as we speak, trying to find the perfect place to hide his Greenie. Cute, right ? He got an adorable haircut today, and then went to the dog park, where he made tons of new friends and lovers. Who wouldn't love him ? Of course, there were some minor problems when I moved in, including the fact that my bed didn't fit in the doorway, so I am sleeping on only my mattress, and a new box spring will be coming next week. The mattress is comfortable, though, and I will just have to wait to put on my new sheets. Fun times. I haven't set up my keyboard yet, but since I have a small rehearsal Thursday with Peter, who is one of our new voices featuring on the 16th, I will have to set it up by then. Gotta work. He will be singing "Kiss the Air," and I will be joining him. I hope you can all make it. It's really going to be one hell of an evening, with some wonderful surprises. What else ? Hmmm, I don't even know. I think that's it. I hope each of you had a wonderful NYE. I worked. Now, talk about fun. I got to bartend till the wee hours of the morning, and then move. Nothing more exciting then that I tell ya. It actually wasn't so bad, and my new roommates rock, so I am just so happy. Plus, I live next door to my favorite chinese resteraunt in the world, so I couldn't be more excited to possibly get fat fat fat. Yeeehhhaaaa ....Ok, I am rambling ...see you all on myspace. xo -SA