Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Monday Nights, New VOICE !!!!

Many of you have asked for it ..and now it's coming. In October, I will produce a new series called 'Monday Nights, New VOICE: Spotlight Series," in which we will spotlight ONE alumni from our past shows. Every two months or so, the spotlight series will replace the normal MNNV, and spotlight a performer we believe deserves an evening dedicated in there honor, with special guest duets and special guest composers. This show will kick off with a night honoring Lauren Thomas. I can't think of anyone I would rather start the series off with, and after her performance last night, I can't wait for all of you to hear what she is made of. She is truly an incredible vocalist and artist,and I am excited for October already. I will update you with new information as it becomes available. xo - SA

*Last night AGAIN and more*

I just woke up and read some of your beautiful emails about last night. Thank you so much. If anyone taped last night, let me know ..I'd love to hear Shoshana singing 'Home' again. How incredible was she ? And how funny was that moment with her mic ? Ha. I swear, when we started up again, I didn't know how I was gonna get through it without laughing, but I must say, that girls has the most beautiful voice I may have ever come across. It is pure when it needs to be pure, and its raw when it needs to be raw. Just perfection. Oh, and Cheyenne isn't too bad himself. What a voice as well. His take on 'The Dance' was just stunning. It was so weird being on that stage last night, because Cheyenne and Shoshana and I had performed at The Duplex Easter 2004. Neither of them were 'HUGE' yet. Actually, Cheyenne was not even really known by anyone yet. I remember how excited he was to be singing at a showcase, because, up until then, he really hadn't done one, and now look at him. His face is the marketing for 'ASU.' They both has so many fans last night, and back in 2004, only a few people came for Shoshana, but I feel as that night, everyone really discovered Cheyenne.
Last night, as we talked pre-show, they both were telling me about these incredible opportunities that were 'hopefully' coming there way in the coming months, and I was so proud. Really proud. They have both come so far since then. And how beautiful did both Lauren Thomas and Marty Thomas (no relation) sound last night ? Lauren belted the sh*t out of 'Magic' with such heart and Marty, well, his voice is one of those voices that intimidates me just a little. I didn't know if I wanted to really sing a duet with him, lol, but I am so happy I did, and it was one of the highlights of last night for me. I just wanna thank you, again, for your support, and for those that were able to make it, im so happy ..Those who weren't, I hope you are able to attend the next MNNV on September 12th. I know that there is the Kitchen Sink Benefit that evening, and that is also for a wonderful cause (and I Know Shoshana, among others, are performing that evening), but I hope to see you all at MNNV ...It's going to be a killer event. Who can beat having Stephen Flaherty taking the stage with new talent to perform some of his greatest songs ? I mean, AMAZING .... Again, thank you for your support, and see you soon, hopefully. -SA

Monday, August 22, 2005

Thank You ...

I just wanted to say a special thank you for those who came out tonight. It was an incredible evening, and your support was so rewarding. It was a PACKED house, and it felt amazing. It was so wonderful meeting all of you tonight as well ... and putting some faces with your emails ...lol ... again, thank you ....xo -SA

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Under 21 ?

For those under 21 who wanted to attend the show on the 22nd, please email me your full name, and your mother or fathers or guardians name who will be able to attend with you. I will be making a list for Phil Bond the evening prior to get permission for each of you. I hope this helps for those who were worried they wouldn't be able to get in. xo -SA

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Scott Alan ?

Someone emailed me today and asked me if this was me ... I emailed back, yes. They then told me they are coming to the show on the 22nd. I hope there not dissapointed. - SA

Me on a GREAT day !!!

Thursday, August 11, 2005


Ok, I know ..I know ...a month ago I was walking away and never singing or writing again ..and well, today, im back on the stage to announce some exciting news .... I REALLY HOPE ALL OF YOU CAN LEND ME YOUR SUPPORT ... On August 22nd I will take the stage, once again, at The Duplex Cabaret Theatre. I WANT YOU ALL THERE. I will be performing most of my own tunes at the piano, but .... I am so excited to celebrate some EXCITING NEWS with performances by SHOSHANA BEAN, LISA BRESCIA and CHEYENNE JACKSON ... AND, Possibly another very special guest .... Reservations can be made by calling (212) 255-5438. Your support would mean the world to me, and I hope to see you all there ...please dont miss this one. With Love, SA

Tuesday, August 09, 2005



I wish I was a river...

I am sitting in pitch darkness on my sisters couch, listening to my ipod, and reviewing the day in my head. I went in and out of a lot of emotions today, and I am still feeling on edge. Tomorrow can end up either being a very exciting day for the next part of development for 'Piece,' or it can be another let down. I have tried so hard to take a step back, but it's hard when everything is moving so fast around me, and since everything needs my consent, it also means that I must be present to knowing opportunities that lay upon this show. I recently sat down and read through the making of 'Rent,' and knowing how much Jonathan Larson went through to create such a masterpiece was nothing short of inspiring. I, in no way, am comparing our work, just stating that his mission and accomplishments have left me more aware that it is easier to cry then to fight sometimes, and if I run away, I am no better then those who are saying that this show has no shot to succeed. I believe in the growth of this show, and I know many of you, for whatever reason, this early on, have found a connection to the music, and if that doesn't make me want to fight, then I don't know what would. Your letters have been nothing short of remarkable. In one year, my life has seen so many different shades of color then I ever imagined for my life. I have seen and worked with idols I grew up idolizing. I have sat with Stephen Schwartz, talked theatre with Richard Maltby and Andrew Lippa, shared a stage with Marc Shaimon ... So many of the greats fill this mental photobook. I have watched some of my closest friends reach great success and inspire us all. I have worked with some of the best up and coming talent, all whom inspire me. I have people whom remain faceless, but have shared stories of there life with me, and seem to believe in me more then I sometimes believe in myself. I have been in love, and out of love. I have had a show premiere as part of the Theatreworks family. I have wonderful friends and family. I have an incredible support system that surrounds me. I am very grateful. If God isn't ready to bestow a movement for Piece tomorrow, I will be ok with it, and will know that there is another plan for either myself or for this show. Tomorrow I am ready to walk into a rehearsal space, sit at a piano, and write a masterpiece. I am also ready to celebrate whatever decision occurs. Thank you for your letters, your prayers and sharing your heart. xo - SA

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Monday Nights, New Voices ...

Those who are interested in taking part in future 'Monday Nights, New Voices,' this is now your opportunity. Please send a audio clip, a bio and photo to MNNVInfo@yahoo.com ATT: Scott Alan. We have started lining up future composers, and they just keep getting better and better. This is wonderful opportunity for many whom are looking to step up to the plate and get more exposure and just perform and meet some influential figures in the industry and show your stuff. I look forward to hearing from you and including some of your remarkable talent in future showcases. -SA

Monday, August 01, 2005

blar bloh bittersnakus

I will keep my big mouth shut, but things are going well ... have a meeting today, and though I have been told 'Scott, dont post on your damn journal' by my creative team, I was given an ok to say, things are going well and I am out of my funk and loving life ...well, not LOVING it ..still looking for an apartment, but I am feeling more grateful and positive ...in addition, go read the new Harry Potter ...LOVED IT !!!!! -SA