Thursday, July 28, 2005

The fate of MNNV ....

Hello everyone. I hope this finds you all in good spirts. Well, good news and bad news. The planned August 15th night of MNNV, honoring the cast of 'Dirty Rotton Scoundrals' has been canceled. I apologies to those who have already reserved a seat that evening. I have been trying to scramble to put another show together for that evening, but the truth be told, I just dont have enough time, with only two weeks given, BUT ..we WILL be back on the 12th of September, with our incredible host Felicia Finley, who is set to star in the upcoming Broadway show, The Wedding Singer. Our special guest composer will be Stephen Flaherty. Our cast is still being lined up, but it should be an incredible evening and I hope to see you all there. In addition, I decided that though I am taking a break for a little while, with the help of my incredible assistant Gabby, we will keep these showcases running for as long as we can. They may slow down and may not be EVERY month, but they will continue with some incredible surprise guest composers already lined up. ALL VERY EXCITING. I hope this finds you all well. -SA

Thursday, July 21, 2005

A Couch called 'Home'

As I search for a place to live, I am currently calling a sweet little couch my home ... it's a small home. It's tan with pretty pillows. My legs don't fit on the home itself, which is fine. My legs are my least favorite body part, anyway. I live on this couch with a girl named Ellyn. Oh yes, I have a roommate here. I actually have two roommates here, plus two dogs, and two babies. Oh yes, an eleventh month old girl and a three year old boy (Ok, Ellyn is a babysitter, so it's only temporary). Ellyn fits perfectly on the couch. It's times like this I wish I was under 5'5''. I am grateful to have this couch, and the roof that sits over the couch for this past month, so trust me, I am not complaining. Friends are truly amazing. I am, though, looking forward to going away this weekend to celebrate 'Stagedoor Manor' for a very overdue reunion of the camp that I called 'Home' for many summers. At this reunion, though the celebrations will be outside of the hotel, I will be looking forward to the bed I'll be sleeping in that evening, courtesy of Kutchers. I can't wait. I will need to go tanning prior, so that the bags amd dark circles under my eyes match my skin, so there isn't much of a notice towards my lack of sleep, which has consisted of nothing more then an hour a night. There are three of us staying here in this apartment. Besides Ellyn there is another kid, lets called him 'Boy,' that I can't tolerate, for many reasons: He has the utmost most annoying laugh that sounds like he is always stoned, which makes sense, since he is always stoned; He sings ALL the time, and not well. He sounds like a chipmunk high on helium. Not a pretty sound to hear at every minute; His desire to shed skin even though his body is herrific and scary; His lack of cleaning up after himself (a boy with a major lack of repect ... but you didn't hear that from me !!!). I am working hard at finding a job that makes me happy and I am looking at new apartments today. I am also working hard everyday at my resteraunt as well. Money: Hasn't been too bad, though I need to make more to survive. I am being practical and will most likely move into Park Slope again or move into Queens, though I'm looking at the financial district today ... As long as it's a place that makes my dog happy, then I will be happy. I am trying to find some happiness, and I am sure in time I will find it. I have also contimplated moving back to Los Angeles and working in the music industry again, which always made me happy, so that is still an option. I have cried a lot this week, which isn't always a bad thing. Sometimes crying is just what the soul needs to find the spirit to make change.

In addition, I hope to see you at Monday Nights, New Voices this coming Monday night at 7pm, as Cheyenne Jackson hosts the cast of All Shook Up, with special guest Stephen Oremus. It is turning out to be an incredible evening, with the cast singing some of my FAVORITE Broadway songs, and more !!! It will be an incredible evening, and leaves two more showcases left before the end of the series for a while. I hope this finds everyone happy and healthy and hope to see you on Monday (spread the word). xo -SA

Monday, July 11, 2005

Thoughts ...

A very promising situation for 'Piece' that I was looking forward to sharing has fallen through, sadly enough. It is very dissapointing, and leaves the show in a very fragile place, unfortunatlly. The other day I made a major decision in my life, and with this news today, it has pushed the situation closer. I will be taking a few months off from writing, and performing. Well, more then a few months. After Septembers 'Monday Nights, New Voices' I will leave 'Piece' in the hands of Tara and the producers, and gear up for a steady job, and allow myself a little bit of stability that I have yet to find since being here in NY. With that, the website will come down, as will the journal. I have been moving around constantly, and have switched job positions constantly, and have yet to have any true success with my compositions, outside of the fan letter here and there (which, I must say, are what keep me going, so thank you). I have no money in my pocket, and am putting more money into creating a dream, then just allowing it to find me. I am currently living on a couch, living out of a suitcase. I am not in a place I am proud of. I am lost, and with that, I wonder why I'm here. 'Piece' has only started development, and it will keep being developed once we decide on the next step, but all of those steps will take time and money, LOTS OF MONEY, and so after September, I will be walking away from composing and producing and just remove myself. Who even knows if I'm any good at it, I just write from my heart. Never had any training, I just sit down and write, and play chords I couldn't tell you what they are.
We have producers working on this show, so if they call me with good news, I am there, jumping back on ...but till then ...
I am not giving up. I love this show. I hope one day it gets premiered, either in NY, or outside of NY. Yet, right now, it won't be premiering anytime soon, and with that, I take a few steps back. I thank those who have been so eager to see this show, and I do hope, one day, either a year or ten years, this show will find a home. Until then ... I have the next three Monday Nights, New Voices ...Stephen Flaherty has signed on as our special guest composer September 12th, and it will be a wonderful closing to an incredible showcase of talent. I am sorry if this is a depressing post, but I've always been honest with you, and wanted to share my thoughts. With Love, SA

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

'All Shook Up' meets 'Monday Nights, New Voices'

For those of you who may have missed the press release yesterday:

Cheyenne Jackson Hosts New Voices Concert July 25 with All Shook Up Stars

This night is shapping up to be INCREDIBLE !!! I know I always say, there will be incredible surprised, but this time ...well, this time ... Let's just say, those who know how this show runs, expect the unexpected. Since there are no tickets, and people just leave there names for reservations, I advise that you cal land make a reservation .... just a personal thought ...I hope this finds you all well ..I will keep you updated ...xo- SA

Sunday, July 03, 2005

LOGO and HAIR !!!!

Hey everyone. I am typing away on my new computer as I update my iPod and iTunes, which is always fun and a little draining at the same time. Well, In the background is the new gay channel LOGO. I just want to say to those working at the station, that they are doing an incredible job thus far. It's such a great channel, and it has such wonderful programming. A nice mix of movies, and information and reality series. I am really excited to watch this channel progress, and it is so nice to watch a channel WITH COMMERCIALS THAT HAVE TWO WOMEN OR TWO MEN KISSING. So, I applause those at LOGO ...

I decided to download the new HAIR - Actor's Benefit CD on iTunes, and I LOVE it. Everyone just sounds so incredible, and I think I am in love with Euan Morton's voice. There is something very sexy too it, not to mention what a good looking guy he is. Just my two cents. Oh, and Jennifer Hudsen ? Um, INCREDIBLE.

On a closing note, I wanted to say how sad and heartbroken I was waking up and hearing the news that Luther Vandross passed away. I am a HUGE Luther fan and though everyone knew that Luther was ill from his stroke two years ago, it did come as a surprise to me. He is a legend, one in a million and will be missd by millions. -SA