Tuesday, May 31, 2005

What a nice night ...

Last night was so wonderful. First, I headed over to Opia, which is such a wonderful space (on a side note) to see my cousin Ricky's 'Evening.' Firstly, I am a huge fan of his work, BUT, I must say, the performers who sang his material did so much more with it last night then I had ever heard it done before, and I have had the honor of sitting next to him at his piano as he plays (His last song that he sang himself, though, was by far my favorite of the evening). A big applause for Rosena M. Hill (What a talent. This girl is incredible), Scott Murphree, Diane Sutherland and Michael Arden. The harmonies soared last night, and the thing that always strikes me about Ricky's playing, is if you close your eyes, and dream for a moment, it's almost like listening to the sounds of a full orchestra. He brings his instrument to life. Afterwards, my new friend, Hilary (whom sat across from me, and helped steer me away from the older gentleman trying to engage in conversation in more then a friendly situation), and I headed over to get a glass of wine, and we met up with Jenna, who was in town for one night from her performance in 'Wicked' in Chicago. It was wonderful to see her. Michael, and his friend in from Dallas, also stopped by for a moment, and it was also great to see Lori Ann Ferreri, whom is now in 'Wicked' and will be apart of the September MNNV. It was really a lovely night filled with family, new friends and friends I miss and don't get a chance to see half as much as I would like too. I made a decision that I would be flying out to LA, though, to see Steph and Jenna in 'Wicked' in the coming weeks, as well as too take a nice long vacation, and see some other friends I miss very much.

In addition, there will be MORE sound clips on the site shortly. I wasn't sure if I wanted to put them up or not, since they are clips from the October 17th, performance of 'Piece' at the Makor. The music has changed dramatically since. Yet, I figured since we will be recording the songs professionally with the changes, it would actually give you a nice opportunity to see how much a song changes. The arrangements are different, the harmonies are different, many of the lyrics have been changed to better fit the motion of the moment. Our recording has been pushed back a week, and will feature Kate Wetherhead, Nikki Renee Daniels (who's sched. hopefully wont conflict, because her voice is pure magical), Lisa Brescia and Schele Williams. It should be a wonderful and fun time in the studio, and I can't wait. I hope this finds you all well. -SA

Saturday, May 28, 2005

My cousins show ...

I wanted everyone to know about this, and if you didn't, well, now you do. I will be there with bells on, and I hope to see many others of you in attendance as well. His music is filled with candor and beauty. He is an amazing talent, and an amazing human being. Here is the press release for his show. CLICK HERE !

Wednesday, May 25, 2005


There are updates all around this site. Music, photos, everything ...enjoy and tell me what you think !!! -SA

Monday, May 23, 2005

New Recordings ...

We are heading into the studio next week to record 'Alone''His Name' 'How Did I End Up Here ?' and re-record 'Never Never Land' with four part harmony. It will only be piano and vocals this time around. I will put them up on the site when I get the ok. Everything else is going wonderfully. Will post more soon. -SA

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

I am selling Furniture !!!!!!

OK, SOOOOO ..... I am selling everything out of my old apartment this coming Saturday the 21st of May, starting at 12 pm. I have a queen size mattress and box spring, with a pillow top. It was originally $900. It's been used for four years, and has some damage on the side from moving, but otherwise in great condition. I am selling it very cheap. $200, but I can be convinced otherwise. Also, A BRAND NEW Jennifer convertible couch, that fits three. Tan and comfortable. You fall into it. It's beautiful and was bought no more then three months ago (have no room at new place). It was originally $350. I will sell it also for $200. Though, again, if you can convince me otherwise. I have a computer table, very large, from Office Depot. Selling it for $30. I have a dresser from Ikea. Take anything from the bunch and I will throw it in for free. It's ikea, lets be honest now. I can't even remember what else I have ...hahaha ..Plates, silverware, cups, books, videos, dog crate for medium size dog ...Everything ...Stop by 407 14th St Apt 2L (between 7th and 8th) in Park slope, anytime between 12 and 2 on Saturday the 21st, and check it all out. (You must be able to take it that day).

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Last night ...

What a beautiful night last night was. I had one of the best Birthdays ever. 'Monday Nights, New Voices' has really become something wonderful for me, almost a celebration in a way. Everyone who takes the stage is just so proud to be there, performing, where every performer loves to be. It is so enjoyable for not only me, but the audience members. We have regulars who just love to experience the growth of these amazing talent, and it's really a wonderful evening. This summer we are taking a step in another direction as we chowcase members of the chorus and standby in 'Little Woman' (June; Hosted by Sutton Foster) 'All Shook Up' (July; Hosted by Cheyenne Jackson) and 'Dirty Rotton Scandrels' (August; Hosted by Sara Gettelfinger). We have some very special surprises with these upcoming shows, and I am so excited. In addition, we will be back with our regular program in September, with the remarkable Stephen Flaherty taking the stage with the performers. I couldn't think of any better way to get things started again. What a talent he is. Last nights cast was just remarkable, and it was so wonderful having the honor of hearing one of the beautiful songs from the upcoming 'Legally Blond' by Nell and Larry performed by Julie Garnye and Howie Michael Smith, in addition to Richard Gleaves beautiful song performed by Kevin R. Free. In addition, Jason Robinson, Carly Frankel and Pearl Sun just ripped the roof of the theatre. Absolutly amazing. Afterwards, I performed a very fun set of music, with some close friends who made the night nothing short of wonderful. It was my favorite time performing ever, and it was just so incredible being there. On a side note, I think Nell Benjamin is my favorite new person, besides that she bought me an amazing bottle of champage to ring in my birthday, she is just an incredibly funny, dynamic talent, and I think that shows in her work with Larry. I can't wait to see and hear more of 'Legally Blond.' Ohhh, and I got a new watch from my boy last night. Funny thing is, waking over to the Duplex, I was thinking, wow, I need a new watch, and low and behold, he bought me one. What a guy. What a guy. Anyhow, that is all for now. I am currently working with Sutton on putting together the next MNNV which will be on the 20th of June, so make reservations now as, for some odd reason, there was already reservations made for that evening at the Duplex. Go figure. xoxox - SA

Sunday, May 15, 2005

'Monday Nights, New Voices' + Birthday Performance = May 16th, starting at 7

Join us May 16th, 2005 as we celebrate more amazing talent at 'Monday Nights, New Voices.' The evening will be hosted by Hairspray alumni Kerry Butler and will introduce you to the talents of Pearl Sun, My Hometown's Kevin Free, Hair's Julie Garnye, Avenue Q's Howie Michael Smith, Jason Robinson, and our MNNV contest winner, Carly Frankel. Joining them on stage, will be up and coming composer Richard Gleaves (Dorian) and established composer Larry O'Keefe (Batboy, Legally Blonde). The show will begin at 7pm sharp, at the Dupelx Caberet Theater in the W. Village. Tickets are $10.

Immediatly following the next 'Monday Nights, New Voices,' join Scott Alan as he rings in his 27th Birthday with a special performance at the Duplex Cabaret Theater. Show begins at 9:30 sharp. Tickets are: $15. For reservations, call: (212) 255-5438. For more information, visit www.theduplex.com.

Thursday, May 05, 2005

And the beat goes on ...

Hey Everyone. Look for some exciting updates on this site starting late tonight, early morning. Robbie will be up loading some music files, as well as some news, so look forward too that. I am off to meet Doug for a movie ...He picked some random movie I have never heard of ...hmmm ...Oh, and I got a root canal done today ..I'm in a little bit of pain ....blar ...-SA

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Random noise ...

I started a new job this evening. I actually enjoy it, well, as much as I could enjoy being a server. I am still working at my other employment as well, but this will give me some extra cash while I wait patiently for the next step. There IS a next step, btw, but I guess you have to wait patiently alongside me. Things here are well though. There is a lot of excitment surrounding me right now. I have officially started a new relationship. I am not going to say much, but he is a wonderful guy, and I am enjoying the moment. I am currently listening to the 'Baby' CD right now. It has been awhile. I am subleasing a new apartment in Union Square, and David, whom I am subleasing from, has wonderful cd's for me to plug into my iPod, so that makes me excited. I am going back to the gym tomorrow, after a long time away after pulling my back out a few weeks ago. Life just feels good right now, minus the sucky NY weather. I just feel happy, and I can't wait for the coming months. I am going to get myself some sleep, but I wish you all the best. xo - SA

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Monday Nights, New Voices ...MAY 16th at 7pm.

Join us May 16th, 2005 as we celebrate more amazing talent at 'Monday Nights, New Voices.' The evening will be hosted by 'Hairspray' alumni Kerry Butler and Laura Bell Bundy and will introduce you to the talents of Avenue Q's Howie Michael Smith, Pearl Sun, Ellyn Marsh, 'My Hometown's' Kevin Free, 'Hair's' Julie Garnye, Jason Robinson, and our MNNV contest winner, Carly Frankel. Joining them on stage, will be up and coming composer Richard Gleaves ('Dorian') and established composer Larry O'Keefe ('Batboy,' 'Legally Blond'). Jesse Vargas is the Musical Director of 'Monday Nights, New Voices.' The show will begin at 7pm sharp, at the Dupelx Caberet Theater in the W. Village. Tickets are $10. Immediatly following, join Scott Alan as his celebrates his 27th birthday, with a 9:30 performance at the Duplex. Tickets are $15. For Reservations, Call (212) 255-5438. Visit www.theduplex.com for more information.

Monday, May 02, 2005

What a ride ...

What an incredible week/weekend this has been. I am sitting here in my apartment, still in Palo Alto, and just thinking about how emotionally draining this experience has been for me, and in the best of ways. This opportunity that Theatreworks had given to us, has really allowed this show to grow and progress and there is so much hope for what the future may bring. I want to thank everyone who came out to see the show, it was so amazing meeting you on both Saturday night and Sunday day. There will be changes made in the show before we mount a full production, but we feel very confident with what we presented this weekend and with some minor tweeks and clarifications about story line, and arc, we feel we will be on our way. I already wrote two new songs for the show, both humerous, to break everything apart a little, and so, that is something to look forward too. Beside that, I just feel so grateful toward our AMAZING cast (who knew such talent could be found here), and to Theatreworks as well. Kent and Beverly and Randy are so giving, and we feel honored, and I wish this experience for everyone. The cast and production staff felt like a family, and I will miss this experience more then you know.

I fly out in an hour, so I need to finish packing (and we know how bad I am at flying ....). Thanks again everyone, and I will see you all in NY. Our MNNV has been cast, and I will post all the information for you tomorrow. xo -SA