Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Still Here ...

It's early in the morning here, and Barb and I are still working through the kinks of the music, and doesn't seem like we will be done anytime soon. Weare taking a small break, so I thought I would come online and write. As you may notice, we are doing some up keeping to the site. We will be adding some new audio clips, including Shoshana's live version of 'Home' from April 4th (2004), when we performed it at the Kitchen Sink Showcase, as well as a few various MNNV clips, including Nikki Renee Daniels performing 'Home' from The Wiz and Marty Thomas singing 'And I am Telling You' from Dreamgirls, and a few more. Keep checking back for that on the MNNV page under 'upcoming projects.' We have almost cast the new showcase, which will be on May 16th, my bday. After the show, which will be at 7pm, I will be doing a small showcase myself, but with no special guests, just me, at the piano, singing some of my favorite songs that I grew up listening too, as well as some new songs from 'Piece' and 'Falling Dipper.' Ok, it's time to get my ass back into rehearsal. Barb is one tough cookie. -SA

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Here we go ....

Oh, these woman are incredible. I am so excited. We just got done doing the table read, and now Barbara (Our Musical Director) is working with the girls who play There voices blend so beautifully, and they are wonderful little actors. Yes, they all are in the same age range, and so there stretching playing 44 and 35 and 17, but that isn't what this is all about. It's really a wonderful way to hear new voices, get ideas from them, and get this show in as close to top shape as possible. Lippa suggested many of these ladies, so it was great to meet the girls that he has told me so much about. Tara has been doing a wonderful job with the script, and Schele is doing fantastic already getting the girls in touch with each character. These girls are so quick, read music perfectly, and came in knowing there material, which is always a major help. I am excited. I will write more from day to day. I can't wait to see many of you this weekend as well. I hope this finds you in good spirits. -SA

Monday, April 25, 2005

First day ....

We are in rehearsal right now, and Tara,Schele, Barb and I are all on break right now, so I thought I would check in and say hello. I wanted to say that I am honored that so many of you wish to sing 'Home' at your graduation, and Tara and I will discuss tonight if that is possible, but unfortunatlly, I have been asked not to pass out sheet music, and I know I always say that, so I don't know if we can do that, but I will try and let you know asap. The rehearsals have gone great so far. The girls come in tomorrow. Oue apartments are lovely, and fully stocked with as much fodd as possible, so I am happy, and fat. That seems to be all for now. I will check in now and again, when I can. I hope this finds you all in good spirits. xo - SA

Sunday, April 24, 2005

Leaving ...

We leave tomorrow morning, well; actually, we leave in a few hours this morning, for Palo Alto. I have never been so sure about the stage of this production before. Schele, the director of 'Piece' and an amazing talent as a performer in her own right, and I had a long conversation about the placement of the show, and how far it has come. The last reading only had 13 songs, which is NOTHING, and we have now built the show up too 18, which doesn't include a reprise of both 'Magic' and 'Home' ... The only thing I am scared about is flying. I am a horrible flyer. My exboyfriend Trent was a flight attendant, so I was treating like a king when I would fly, given DVD players, and cookies, and wine, yes, lets and lots of wine. I admit, when I fly, I drink. I tried Ambient (is that how you spell it?) when I flew once before, but the stories I could tell about that experience, so I tend to order a few little wine bottles and let my body fall asleep, and then awake to the pounding headache that flying drunk does to someone. I'm a bad drinker. Two drinks is usually my limit, depending on the drink and who's buying', so when I drink four of those bottles and so quickly, you can imagine, my body really starts to feel it. It is the cheapest wine in the world, sort of like Trader Joes wine, but it does the job, and I am usually sleeping past any turbulence, which is good. My sister is also a horrible flier. She is actually the reason I get scared to fly. She went as far as taking a class to get over her fear, but still would rather drive to her destinations then head on board an aircraft. She got me nervous, and so now I follow suit.

I am excited to keep posts on this weeks preparations, as well as meeting so many of you California 'fans' who I have only chatted with briefly, responding to your beautiful emails. It should be a great trip. I will miss my pup though, who is staying with my sister for the week. I am sure she will take good care of him, and I can't wait to see him when I get home.

Ok, my iPod is all done uploading, so it's time for sleep. I hope this finds you well and happy and healthy, and I look forward to seeing what tomorrow has in store for us. -SA

Friday, April 22, 2005

Funny morning

It was bound to happen. I couldn't escape it. It is brought up many times, and I had to read the message board post written about me, written by all the people that wish I was dead. LoL. I hadn't read it since it first started, stopping after the first day it began. I made a pact with JLG that I wouldn't read them, but I have failed her. LoL. I have to say; they were actually pretty damn funny. I am going to give a great plug to Box'something' and, oh, I can't remember the other lovely person who loved me so much, something like cameltoe, but the two of you, I appreciate you and love you. Little do you know, that thread brought many people to my site, and so I thank you so much for your hard work and dedication. Your beautiful lies (I met with Donna Murphy ? ? ? It would have been an honor if that was true) were genius. One of the saddest, and I won't even remember his screen name at all, was this little kid who wrote things about me, and the funny part of it all is, he had written me numerous letters in the past about how he hated his life, and how hard it was to be him, and how he listened to the song 'Magic' everyday, and I always wrote back, telling him to keep his head high, and I invited him to a MNNV, and so he even drove down all the way to see a 'Monday Nights, New Voices,' and I comped him, and even gave him and my webmaster Robbie a shoutout while on stage, and I guess I didn't give him the affection and love he wanted, so in turn, he labeled me a drunk and an 'untalent.' In the end, I guess he meant to hurt me with his words, even after he 'dedicated' part of his blog to asking me to marry him (yes, crazy people in this world). I couldn't help but feel sorry for him while reading it, and now realized why it was he cried to me in his emails about having no friends. I took my time out to write him back because I felt for him, and in the end, he decieved me, and that is just very sad. I also couldn't help but now understand that these message boards, for me, really don't effect me. Two of you started the thread the day you joined the site itself, funny enough. You wrote lies about me, and why should lies matter? You treated me like I was someone important, even as you tried to build me down. You're writing about me on a BROADWAY website, in which I have no Broadway credit, outside of those wonderful talents I work with on the Broadway scene. In the end, when I thought I would be hurt, I was flattered. Yes, if you must know, some of the 'rumors' actually were true and were in negotiations, if you must know. Some of them were just lies, and nothing more. I won't take the time out of my life to say which were which, as it doesn't matter as much to me as it seems to matter to you. Yes, just like you would tell your 'friends' new updates and excitments going on in your life, I did the same, and I guess, the saddest part, is that there are friends I can't trust to tell my excitement too, but I am slowly learning who those people are, and so in the end, this thread actually helped me, so thanks. I have no desire to ever go back and read them again, or see what else is written from here on in. I am past it all and I don't feel better or worse for reading it. It was beautiful to see there were many defending my music, forget about defending me, because nobody on that board knows me, but defending the music, so to those people, THANK YOU. If you must know, if I wish to remove this post later today, or tomorrow, it was on my own account. I just wish to leave this up for a few moments of ranting.

And on a side note, we leave for PA Sunday. I know many of you will be coming out, and I can't wait to meet each of you who have written, or started websites for me ( .... that being my favorite.... just lovely), and again, I am honored to share my music with those who care about music, and not gossip. xoxo - SA ps. new updates will be added to this site, including clips from readings, benefits, photos, news, etc

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Thank You ...

I wanna thank everyone who came out and supporting 'Monday Nights, New Voices' this evening. What a night, what talent. I am so over welmed by it all. Marty Thomas, Courtney Balan, Becca Ayers, Rashad Naylor and Christy Faber. It was really beautiful, and I think we have set the bar in which we have a lot to live up too for the next one on May 16th, which happens to be my birthday. I can't wait. These shows really mean a lot to me, and I am so excited to be able to share them with everyone. Thanks again. xoxo - SA

Friday, April 15, 2005

Oh the days ...

What a beautiful day it is outside right now. I just got back home after taking the pups to the dog park. I love going there, cause it gives me some time alone, to just sit in the sun, write in my journal, and allow the dogs to wear themselves out for the afternoon. Nothing beats that.

I had a nice date last night with Doug, and will hopefully be seeing him Sunday. So cute and so sweet. We shall see. Trying to get him to be my date Mon day night, so if he knows what is good for him.

So, we lined up the next Monday Nights, New Voices for May 16th, 7pm, and since it happens to be my birthday, I am debating on doing a show afterwards as well. Nobody singing my music but me. Anyone think it's a good idea? I know I just did a show, but this would be more for me then anyone. It would be a cheap way of taking me out for dinner. Just a piano and me. That is when I am happiest. Before taking the pups to the park, I walked into a studio and played for a while. I only have a keyboard, so it's always nice to just perform on a real piano, in a large space, and just sing. My back is still hurting, and of course singing didn't help, but it made me feel good emotionally.

I also wanted to thank you for your recent letters regarding my post of Shoshana's first performance of 'Home.' It's funny how many of you were there, and that it how the song grew. Simply amazing. Thanks for sharing your stories with me, they were really something.

We had our rehearsal for Monday Nights, New Voices yesterday. This cast is unbelievable. Every one of them is just so impressive. I can't wait for Monday. I have already asked Rashad Naylor to take place in the reading for 'Falling Dipper.' He joins Nikki Renee Daniels this summer. More information to come soon.

That seems to be all for now. I am really craving a salad, so I am off to get one. I hope this finds you all well and take time to enjoy your weekend. I will see you, hopefully, Monday night at 9:30 for MNNV. xo- SA

Thursday, April 14, 2005

Shoshana, Home, and more ....

The other evening, after returning from my trip to Virgin to purchase Mariahs's new cd (more from that later), I walked into a wonderful present from one of Shoshana's fans. Though I do not promote bootlegs and don't have ANY in my iPod (Not me, No way), I was sent a file of Shoshana singing 'Home' at the first Kitchen Sink showcase. This song and performance has such special memories for me, as it was the first time that we were not only performing the song, but the moment I met Stephanie J. Block and Julia Murney, and the first time anybody in NY had ever heard of me. I remember how nervous I was, as Julia had just arrived, and I had written her many fan letters after seeing her perform 'Brother Can You Spare a Dime' the year prior at a Stagedoor Manor Memorial Performance. I was so impressed by her, and I had always imagined her being a part of 'Piece' since day one as the role of 35, and didn't know exactly how to get her into a studio to play her some of the music, since she had a heavy and busy sched. So, this was the way to impress her. There were more then two hundred people there, and all I cared about was Julia Murney. I was also very impressed by Stephanie Block after being introduced to her by Jamie M. and watching her perform 'He Touched Me' at an early Jim C. Cast Party. She was so lovely, and her and Shoshana chatted the entire time, along with Kirsty Cates. Many other great people were performing that evening as well, and I admit I sort of had a small crush on David Burtka. Had no clue who he was at the time, but remember thinking he was a cutie. LoL. Too much information. Anyhow, Shoshana had decided to perform 'Home' as her second song, and she introduce by recalling the story of our first meeting, which was me writing her a fan letter, her not really wanting to meet because she was tired of meeting new composers who just didn't bring anything to the table. Luckily, the rest is history. We performed the song. Shoshana had JUST left Hairspray the day earlier, and was leaving for Miami to record some of the amazing music you can presently find on her website (Link is on my Link page). I remember my leg shaking so badly, and not really remembering the moment. I remember walking off stage and Stephanie was crying, and David touched my shoulder to tell me how much he loved the song, and then there was Julia, who was getting ready to get up and perform Lippas' 'Raise the Roof' with Seth R. at the piano (Side note: That was my first moment experience the humor that is Seth. Brilliant). Julia was, well, flawless. I approached her afterwards and introduced myself. Before I said anything she told me she loved the song and asked my name: "Um, I am the guy who keeps emailing you trying to convince you to meet with me." LoL. The next day I had a meeting with both Stephanie and Julia, one after the other. I brought Matt Richardson with me cause I wouldn't allow myself to be alone. LoL. That was the day Stephanie decided to sing 'Never Neverland' at Standing Ovations. It was also the day Julia agreed to do the reading of 'Piece,' though she later had to drop out after throat problems (Lisa Brescia jumped in her place, and again, the rest is history). It was incredible. Ok, this story is getting long, but the point is, I had never heard this performance of 'Home,' and it was such a welcome surprise and was very touching for me. With permission from Shoshana, I will ask Robbie to put the file up on this site in the coming week or two.

I have rehearsal for MNNV today, as well as a meeting with Jesse Vargas following to go through new material he is arranging for the next 'Piece' reading. I read the finalized script last night, and I am so happy with it. Tara Smith has a wonderful career ahead of her, and deserves more credit that I, as she has really placed everything beautifully. I look forward to everyone seeing what she has done with the show.

I wanted to give many of you the heads up that this summer I will be having a small reading of my new musical 'Falling Dipper.' Nikki Renee Daniels will take on the lead character, and I am really excited to present something SO different from 'Piece.' The music is infused with gospel/church; soul; R & B and soon I will be able to give some more updates about the story itself. I am really looking forward.

OK, Mariah. I LOVE the cd. Not everyone 'green' does though. I have to say that after 'Charmbracelet' this is such a great up cd, with her actually singing. No more whispering, people. It makes me move in my seat listening to it, and has a real retro old school flavor. I think her first two singles are bad indications of the cd itself. If you like Mariah, I assure you, you will love it. I told 'someone' it might take a few extra listening. Oh, MNNV, April 18th, 9:30. ARE YOU COMING ? On a side note, I got some of your emails about asking Marty to sing 'Defying Gravity' and I will be more then happy to ask him today at rehearsal.

That seems to be all. I hope this finds you all well. -SA

Monday, April 11, 2005

Changes ...

Things have been nice. I am really excited for the new MNNV coming up on Monday night. Jesse and I are rehearsing with everyone on Thursday, and it really should be a wonderful evening, so I hope you will all be there supporting these amazing new talent including Courtney Balan, Marty Thomas, Christy Faber, Rashad Naylor and Becca Ayers, as well as having some of your favorites presenting them, including Shoshana, Barrett and Lisa.

I had a nice date on Friday evening, with a very sweet, attractive young gentlemen with a killer smile. We are 'suppose' to have a second date this coming Thursday and check out a movie, so we will see.

I am not ashamed to say I will be purchasing Mariah's new CD 'The Emancipation of Mimi' later this evening, even though I have an early copy, and will even be joining the crowds tomorrow morning to watch her perform in Times Square. No embarrassment at all. I just wish I didn't have to go alone. Where is Amaya or Ivan when you need them ? I believe my friend Sharlott will be singing backup for her tomorrow, if she isn't needed for background vocals on 'AI.' We met when I use to work with Ricky Minor, who is now the musical director on AI, and use to work exclusively with Whitney Houstan. We worked with Mariah on a Christmas special for CBS, and we, Sharlott and I, had a blast. We clicked instantly, except for the hour she thought she could pay me too clean her house. haha. Ya, not gonna happen. Sharlott was the background vocalist who sang background for Kerry (is that her name ?) on her Heart remake on AI that one night. She rocks. Ok, I never actually saw her on it, but I heard all about it. Fun times.

Ok, this is a pointless blog that I am writing for fun. Oh, I pulled out my back a week ago and im high on meds and heating pads. always fun. Ok, that's all ... -SA

Thursday, April 07, 2005

And the winner is ....

And the winner for 'Monday Nights, New Voices' ...NEW VOICE CONTEST is ...(DRUMROLL PLEASE) ..... Carly Frankel. Congratulations. 22 yr old Carly Frankel will be apart of May's 'Monday Nights New Voices,' singing alongside Julie Garnye, Ellyn Marsh, Rena Strober and more ... Larry O' Keefe will be the nights established composer, with more information, including date and time, host, up and coming composer, to follow shortly. Again, congratulations Carly and thank you to all those who participated in the event !!!! - SA & SG

Wednesday, April 06, 2005


Trusting people has always been something I've never been very good at. I always feared the idea of trusting someone. If I tell you a secret, why do you feel you must run and tell someone else ? Do you feel like my little secret has now become a major burden on you to carry ? What is it exactly ? I'm not blaming. I have done it before. My main fear in trust has been relationships. I have never trusted relationships. I have been that guy to look through emails and check text messages, always assured I will find something that will split us apart. I am not alone here, and I know it. Heck, that's a major part of my falling out between {j} and myself. I started off trusted him, and yet, all it took was one person pressuring me to check his email account for me not to trust him, and I felt as if I had too continue on this rollercoaster ride of emotion with myself until the very end of our relationship five months ago. Now, the three times I checked his blackberry, I told him about it. I couldn't live with making up a lie about how I knew the things I knew, which were never anything more then small flirtation between friends that even I was doing at the time. I learned a major lesson after our relationship ended and vowed to myself to never be that guy again, ever. I cared about that relationship, and though there were problems on both halves, there were things that could have been worked on, and for me, that was trust.

Now I find myself not trusting people around me. I have put strains on certain friendships, and pulled myself away completely from others. You need to learn from these mistakes and 'trust' yourself that if something feels wrong, it most likely is. It's hard to know whom you can trust in your circle of friends, but maybe in the end, there not really your friends. Every year, I cut out people in my life whom I feel are negative forces. It's actually very positive. You realize whom you hear from just because they need something from you, and whom you hear from because they want to be a major player in your life, through the good and the bad. You make a list, and you just erase the negative from your life, and keep the good around you.My problem is trusting people, and if I can't trust you, maybe you shouldn't be around, weither the problem is yours or mine, there is a situation at hand and it's not healthy. This entree is not targeting anyone in particular, just thoughts that came to my mind this morning via a 'fatherly' email. Like always, I hope this finds you all happy and healthy.


Monday, April 04, 2005

Who loves Joni Mitchell ?

Who loves Joni Mitchell more then me ? My extremely talented cousin Ricky Ian caught me on to Joni, as did my amazingly beautiful sister Stacy. I remember the first time hearing the CD 'Blue' and crying. There is such a beauty behind her lyrics and a grace behind her vocals. To the newer generation who may not have the privledge, I beg you to download Joni Mitchell's 'Blue' CD on iTunes today and just relish in the strength and artistic movement of everything she offers.

Tonight, we offer you a whole new Monday Nights, New Voices at the Duplex Cabaret Theater at 9:30. The lineup is so wonderful, and the performers will be singing duets as well as solo's from some of there favorite musical theater moment. In addition, we have decided upon the winner for our 'MNNV' contest, and will actually announce them this week on this journal, so keep checking back. We are very excited and EVERYONE who submitting material was SO extremely talented, and we will keep you in mind for the next round, and we thank you for taking the time.

My friend Daniel Torres will be going on Tuesday night for the role of Mark in Altar Boyz so be sure to check him out. All the information is available on his own journal, a wonderful reference to everything Altar Boyz. Daniel is a wonderful talent, and there is nothing more rewarding then watching your dear friends make that cut into the next stage of there career. I look forward to watching him taking his next step after Altar Boyz. Look to possibly have a new tune of mine jumping up on his site shortly.

Also, the BBC will air a new program called ' The Voice of Musical Theater' which will be like an American Idol that is being taped now in England as we speak, and will feature judging by Cameron Mackintosh , Stephen Sondheim, Andrew Lloyd Webber among others, and will feature one of the performs, the talented Ellyn Marsh (who will be making an appearance in a coming MNNV) singing my song 'Never Never Land' so watch for that in the coming months.

Beyond that, everything here couldn't be better. I am so excited to get to Palo Alto, and for us to start working on the next stage of this production. After this, we will have some exciting news, but not till after the reading is done will we be informing anyone.

I hope this finds everyone in a great place, and I look forward to what tomorrow brings. See you then. xoxo - SA