Thursday, March 24, 2005

hey there strangers ...

Hey everyone ..I am so sorry it has taken me forever to write, but I have a good excuse. I have been BUSY. Hmmmmm ....Well, some news. There are over eight new songs in 'Piece.' Today, alone, I wrote two new songs, all VERY detailed, and some are really so different then the rest of the show. In addition, with some minor lyrical changes, 'If I Own Today' is BACK in the show. I am so happy to report that. Those who saw the past reading, it will again follow the new song 'Alone' that 35 sings. It made me so happy to have that back in the show, as that song is one of my favorites and I believe it really serves its purpose now. The opening song 'How did it all Begin' also has found itself some major lyrical changes, and 'How Did I End Up Here ?,' Which had been removed from 'Piece' early in the process, has also been put back in the show, in full, and so that is wonderful news as well. In other news, life is treating me well. I can't really complain at all. I have been getting your beautiful emails, and I am so happy your all well. I am going to the gym now, after a long day of meetings and re-working songs and writing new ones. I hope this finds everyone happy and healthy. xoxo - SA

ps. We found out our cast for Palo Alto, and I am VERY happy.

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Monday Nights, New Voices

Join Composer Scott Alan and Producer Sabrina Gordin as Aida's Lori Ann Strunk, Michael Hammerstrom, Michael Minirak, Erin Hiatt, Bare's Natalie Joy Johnson and Spamalot's Greg Reuter take to the stage for the next installment of 'Monday Nights, New Voices' which features up and coming Broadway stars. April 4th 2005 will find the performers singing musical theaters best known duets. More names to be announced. Showtime will be at 9:30. The evening will be musically directed by Jesse Vargas. Tickets will be $10 with a 2 drink Minimum. Call (212) 255-5438.

Then join us April 18th, 2005 at the Duplex Cabaret Theater, for another 'Monday Nights, New Voices' as we celebrate the talents of Hairspray's Rashad Naylor, Sarah Plain and Tall's Becca Ayers, Wicked's Marty Thomas, Christy Faber and Courtney Balan. These up and coming stars will be introduced by some of there famous Broadway friends, including, Wicked's Shoshana Bean, Avenue Q's Barrett Foa and Aida's Lisa Brescia, and more to be announced shortly. Composers Andrew Lippa (The Wild Party) and Eli Bolin (I Sing) will be on hand to perform there selections of there songbook alongside the performers in this incredible monthly showase of up and coming talent. Schele Williams will direct this evening with Musical Direction by Jesse Vargas. Showtime is at 9:30. Call (212) 255-5438 to make reservations. Tickets are $10. There is a two drink Minimum.

Sunday, March 13, 2005

You asked for it ...

You asked for it, and so we are delivering. Though our casts have been deciding upon for the next two 'Monday Nights, New Voices' concerts, we are excited to say that, starting in May, we will pick one of you to join other up and coming stars of tomorrow on stage. So, how exactly are we to find you ? Sabrina Gordin and myself have set up an email address just for you. Send us an audio clip of you singing your heart out, with a note of why you wish to be apart of the night to, and maybe you will find yourself in an upcoming show. We look forward to hearing your voice. After each show, we will announce which of you will take part in the next months concert, so make sure to be there April 4th, as your name may be the first announced to join the ranks in this incredible showcase of talent.

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Today, No more ...

It's a sad day for me, as I say goodnight to one of my favorite songs from 'Piece.' As of yesterday, we have made a group decision, to pull out 'If I Own Today' from 'Piece.' I love the song more then life itself, but it just didn't work within the show, and it didn't move anything further along. I am sad by this, but I have already written another song to fit the moment more accurate, and help give the show its arc. I hope this finds you well. -SA

Ps. Obviously, anything could happen, and maybe, with new lyrics, it may find itself in an upcoming project of mine !!!

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Stephanie Block ...

Oh my poor Stephanie ...I just got off the phone with her, and I got a few emails from people, wondering if she was ok, and If I had heard anything. Honestly, I hadn't. I got home from my workout to a few emails from her 'DEVOTED' fan club, and I called her right away. So, this is what happened. Yesterday, they had a fantastic run through. Everything went beautifully. It was a dress rehearsal with an audience. Afterwards, they asked Stephanie to stay around for a few more moments, as they wanted to do another 'flying' rehearsal, and make sure everything was working properly. This took place at 11pm. Everything was going fine, until, one of the wires (it's different for the tour. She actually flies in) on the harness let go, and so she was hanging by only one wire, and everyone was screaming to let her down, but instead of letting her down, they were raising the wires instead, and bringing her up. Her whole entire right side of her body is completely bruised from her neck to her feet, she is swollen and, having muscle spasms, and though she is in pain, she is in good spirits. She is a trooper, but she is resting and letting her body heal. Her BEAUTIFUL, SEXY boyfriend (yummy) is being flown out tonight to be with her, so I am sure that will give her something to smile about. She asked me to thank all those who are thinking of her, and wanted you to know, she will be up and ready in no time. That's all for now, and I just wanted to update those who emailed. xoxo -SA

Monday, March 07, 2005

Beautiful Day ....

Today, it is so damn beautiful outside. I think I may throw a pair of shorts on and no coat, and head myself over to the gym. You need to take advantage. You never know when another cold wind may appear. If this was the worst of Winter, we have been so fortunate. A few snow storms here and there, but nothing that bad, really. As far as 'Piece,' we have a meeting this week to really review everything before we head ourselves to Palo Alto. This will be our first meeting since our last reading, and we have a lot of work ahead of ourselves, so we are so excited. In the meantime, we have really just been talking to those who personally come to the reading to give us each our personal notes. I have gotten some incredible feelers, and I have already started taking all of the suggestions to motivate myself to get this show into it's finest tuning. I am really looking forward to it all. Moving on to Monday Nights, New Voices. Everything looks wonderful, and we added Barrett Foa as one of the host on the 18th. He joins Shoshana Bean, Alison Fraser and Lisa Brescia, and one more, but I am waiting for a final confirmation. Should be another wonderful evening. I also just heard from Jason Robert Brown this morning about participating, and though he is busy in April, as he is currently in LA, he will be taking place in an upcoming show. Cheyenne, max and Gavin will also be lending us there talents as host for upcoming shows, as are a bunch of others. It should be incredible showcase that, I hope, will only keep growing. In addition, I have been asked to be apart of the board of the Storefront Theater, and we have our first meeting coming up shortly. I am really looking forward to that, and bringing wonderful entertainment to the community of theater lovers. That seems to be all for now. Wishing you all the best. If your in NY, enjoy the weather, if not, enjoy knowing its warm here. xoxo -SA

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Ok ....So ....

A) I have a favorite new Singer/Songwriter. Well, at least for right now. On Jimmy Kimbell last night, Marc Broussard performed, and I was so impressed by his vocals and his writing style, that I immediately got on my iTunes and downloaded his CD, which was only $7.99 and it is so impressive. There is a song called 'Let me Leave.' I am really in love with his voice. He sort of sounds like Gavin DeGraw (and he also has a little Ray Charles in him as well), if he had more soul in his voice, and if his lyrics matched his melody's, which I think is Gavin's greatest fault.

B) We are putting together the next 'Monday Nights, New Voices.' Sadly, we were unable to do one for March, BUT, we will be doing two in April. One on the 4th and one on the 18th. Both have theme's. Though we are still working on the theme for the 4th, either duets, or up and coming theater stars who write there own music, the 18th is almost all set. One the 18th, Broadways elite will be introducing there 'up and coming' friends. Shoshana Bean, Lisa Brescia, Alison Fraser and more will all take part in a wonderful evening of music and introduction. In addition, our up and coming composer Eli Bolin (I Sing !) will be joined on stage by our established composer, Andrew Lippa. Courtney Balan, Pearl Sun, Rashad Naylor and more will take to the stage. This should be a wonderful night, and I can't wait to see you all there. April 4th is starting to come together as well, and we will keep you updated with information when we can.

C) Working in the restaurant business, when all you wanna do is write music, really sucks !!!! BUT, we leave for California on April 24th, so I can't wait for the possibilities to begin. xoxoxo - SA