Saturday, February 26, 2005

Piece ....s (Of Ass)

I had no intentions of enjoying "Pieces (Of Ass)." Many people, since day one, have believed "Piece" had already hit its stride at the Dodgers Spaces with this show, so maybe it was a personal feeling. Who knows. Yet, my dear friend, Julia Alexandria, just joined the cast and, not only did I want to be supportive, but, she gave me two comp tickets. I can't refuse free tickets to any show, no matter what that show may be. My dear friend Lauren Thomas, whom many of you know from the first Monday Nights, New Voices, joined me for the evening. A pit stop first for a slice of pizza (I can't eat cheese, so I just watched as she ate) and then off to the theater we went. First of all, the Dodger Spaces are rather lovely, though look more like a movie theater then actual theater spaces, but I sort of enjoyed how all these theaters were like a family in a small space. There was something very enchanting about that in this industry. We took our seats. The space wasn't filled by any means, and seats about 350 spots, I believe. I was nervous. What should I tell her about the show ? I was thinking ahead of time that I wouldn't enjoy it. First, I don't even like woman, let alone beautiful woman who are telling you about there problems. I don't even know if I would like hot men telling me about there problems, but I have to tell you something. I really enjoyed this show. Now, I will take into perspective, again, that my tickets were free, so I didn't have that feeling of 'I paid HOW MUCH' for this show. Yet, there were some incredible stories on that stage. There were tons of woman in the audience who were screaming and shouting 'Amen' and 'Tell it like it is girl.' I saw so many woman needing these stories. They were rather touching, emotional, funny and many of them, extremely talented and brave for telling such personal moments in there lives. Julie, though I am bias, was beyond incredible, but in a way didn't really fit on the stage, because you could tell, out of all the woman, that she was a real actress. Not saying the other girls aren't, but you could simply tell that Julie is fully trained, and she was able to take the audience on a ride. Either way, I really enjoyed myself, and, just so you know, the show isn't just for me. It's really more for woman then anything else. So pick up a ticket and check it out. Let me know what you though. I know Lauren really enjoyed it, and I may get a ticket for my mother and sister to see it cause I think they may really love it. After the show, I went to the dinner, got a small bite for myself, and headed home to be with my pup, who is still feeling, not so good, but heading in the right direction and healing slowly. Tonight, I am going to celebrate Sabrina's bday with the crew, so I am really looking forward to that. I hope this finds everyone well. xoxoxo -SA

Thursday, February 24, 2005

Updates ...Updates

Hello everyone ..I hope you are all well. Things here are wonderful, and I can now announce a development with 'Piece' that I have been asked to keep quiet until, well, an hour ago. We will be flown out to Palo Alto with 'Piece' April 24th until May 2nd to take part in a reading through Theaterworks development. We are extremely excited, and I must admit, I am looking forward to being in California again, if only for a short stint, and even with the knowing that we will be working harder then ever. Theaterworks will be casting this reading, so sadly, a few actors we have had the opportunity of working with will not be apart of this process, but that doesn't mean they are gone from the project. I will say, it will be wonderful hearing some of the talent that surrounds California, and I trust there casting director completely. Hey, California is where Stephen Schwartz first came across Ms. Block, so who knows what will be out there for us. I believe the reading will, in fact, be open to the public, as it will take place at there Theater Saturday the 31st at 8, and then Sunday the 1st of May at 1pm, and from what I hear, it is pretty special, so I will, of course, keep those in California up to date on news concerning that. We have other 'developments' and as soon as I can announce them, I will. I appreciate your patience to those who care for this show. We greatly appreciate your support.

I feel very honored to have those who I respect give me there critiques concerning this project, and I feel as if so much of what they have to offer me is gonna help me in the long run. I am totally open to suggestions and to bettering this product. I love 'Piece' and, even though its my baby, I trust in others and there views. I had a wonderful get together with Andrew Lippa yesterday, who came to this past reading. I respect his voice so greatly, because I truly admire his talents. He writes with honesty and purity, and yet, he allows himself to tell a story. The main critique for my music is that, though I'm honest, I am not being specific enough, lyrically, about my characters wants, and that is something I need, and I am going, to work on. I also understand that I tend to write many ballads, and though I am totally fine with writing an uptempo, I don't know how to add my humor to my work, so I have been working non-stop on writing the humor that comes from within into my music. It's not easy for me, cause I am so use to writing from a deep personal place, but it's from those around me that encourage me that I can, that makes me want it that much greater. I feel extremely blessed.

I hope this finds everyone well. Please, stay warm in this cold weather. Personally, I love the snow. I would just like a warm body next to me during it, lol, but so is life. I'll take Theaterworks for now. xoxoxo -SA

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Puppy Birthday ...

It was Billy's birthday today. He turned 2. He is a big boy now, so big boys get lots of big boy gifts, which make there big boy papa's spend more money then there big boy wallets really allow. Well, all that matters is that he is so happy, and he hasn't even starting exploring all of his wonderful treasures. He also got a nice bath tonight, and smells and looks adorable. Sadly, though, he seems to have hurt his tail bone, so I am taking him to the vet in the morning, since he is having a really hard time walking properly and I believe he may have sprained it, and I'm sure they will have to cast it till it gets better, and, again, that wallet is decreasing as we speak. Poor little baby, and on his birthday. Ok, this is the most pathetic entree I think I may have ever written, so I am sorry, but I am bored, and felt like writing. OH, and my computer broke, so I am sitting on this computer on 'safe mode' which sucks and everything is extremely tiny, and so tomorrow I am gonna fix my dogs tail bone and my computer. Busy day ahead I tell you. On a side note, I am really enjoying this week, even though I have cried at Extreme Makeover, Home edition more times then I wish to count. I even cried at a coming attraction. What is wrong with me ? It's better then when I use to cry at episodes of 'Boy Meets World,' right ? RIGHT ? Ya, good times. Ok, I think that is all for now. I hope everyone has pleasant dreams. Until then .... xoxoxo -SA

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Compromise ....

I was re-reading my journal tonight, you know, my actual journal, outside of this online world, and came across something so sad about myself. I compromise my values and wants, because I am scared of being alone. Here is an excerpt ...


....yet, he surprised me, as I laid in bed, holding me, and my hand, throughout the entire night and morning. I've said it before, but though he doesn't always know how to show me he loves me, and many times I feel unwanted and, yes, not very attractive, when he does, like last night, it just shows and proves how much his heart is here with me, and if that's all he can give me, now, I will take it.

That really saddened me to read. I give one hundred percent to all of my friendships and all my relationships, and the fact that I was going to settle and compromise that, saddens me, and nobody should have to. I think the best thing I could have done throughout my past relationship, was keep a journal, because it allows me to track through how unhappy I truly was. A wonderful guy, and he loved me dearly, but, in the end, he didn't know how to hold me, and in away, that was most important.

I am sorry that I am rambling. Soooooo, Monday Nights, New Voices went beautifully tonight, and I am so looking forward to watching this series really take flight, though in away, it seems like it already has. I hope those who attended enjoyed themselves as much as I did. I hope this finds everyone happy and healthy. xoxoxo - SA

Monday, February 21, 2005

Tonight at the Duplex !!!

Join the *MEN* of Monday Nights, New Voices, TONIGHT !!! The Duplex Cabaret Theater, 7pm .... Tickets are ONLY $7 at the door. Wicked's Robb Sapp and Ben Cameron, Hair's Nick Dalton, Altar Boyz's Daniel Torres and BARE'S Adam Fleming, with special guest composers Stephen Schwartz and Paul Scott Goodman. Accompanied by Jesse Vargas, and directed by Schele Williams and a special appearance by MNNV Alumni, Nikki Renee Daniels. TONIGHT !!!! See you there.

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Valentine's Day !!!

What a beautiful Valentine's Day I had. I really didn't expect myself too, since I am trying so desperately to get myself over this f*ckin' cold, but it was really lovely. Let's start with Stephanie Block. WHAT A SHOW !!! Ok, she is brilliant. BRILLIANT. Her song selections were really lovely, and so fitting for the evening. Jim Caruso did such a lovely job bringing the show together and giving it great direction and movement, so applause to him as well. 'Never Neverland' was gorgeous last night, and Billy stretch did a wonderful new arrangement with the song. It's always so incredibly strange hearing new arrangements of my material, but there is also a great excitement with it. After the song ended, Stephanie said such beautiful words about me, that I was blushing and really blinded by her sweetness. It was such an honor for her to sing my music, let alone the kind and generous words afterwards. Ben, my date, put it perfectly when he said 'It's not JUST the song, it's the match of the voice, and what a match Stephanie adds to that song.' Even with that song in the show, I must admit, my favorite moment was her singing 'I could have been a Sailor' by Peter Allen. I am a huge fan of Peter Allen's, the real reason I started writing music in the first place, and this song really shed a tear within me. Her performance was simply breathtaking for many reasons. Of course, the audiences favorite moments was her medley from 'Wicked' and what a performance she gave. She is gonna be sensational on the road with this show. Her and Shoshana play this role so differently, you can already tell, and that is so wonderful, because it allows people not to judge, but to really enjoy BOTH performances and breathe them both in so beautifully. After the show, Ben and I went over to meet up with some friends for a drink. I only stayed for two drinks, since I wasn't feeling so well, but it's always nice spending time with people you love. Then home I came, to my little puppy, who was waiting, so excited to see his dad, with licks all around. I passed out within five minutes after walking him. I thank Ben for a wonderful evening, and being a great Valentine, and I thank Stephanie for being a pure genius. I am off to drink some water. xoxoxo- SA

Saturday, February 12, 2005

A much needed vacation ...

I am taking a much needed vacation. Ok, well, it is only a week, but it's much needed. Ok, and I am still gonna be in New York for the vacation, but it's still much needed. But, no music for me. I am walking away from the piano, and just leaving it behind for a week until we have our meetings next week with interested producers.
On that note, we had a great read today. We were a little uncertain at yesterdays reading, and so this morning, we got up early, or didn't sleep at all in my case, and re-worked the show. The girls came in at 12, and in one hour, before the backers and producers got there, we gave them new songs, new lyrics to old songs, and new re-writes in the script. They were over welmed, and yet, they were brilliant. It really came together. I was very proud today. Lisa Brescia had the bulk of the new material, and the thing about Lisa is how professional she is. She didn't complain or worry. She got the material, and in one take, learned everything and gave an incredibly moving performance. She trusted me completely, and that was so generous of her. It must have been so stressful on everyone today as I was running up the stairs screaming 'Lisa, I need you now ...' then 'Liz, I need you to go through the beats with me on these new lyrics' then 'Sarah, I am adding in harmonies for you, please come with me' ...I was dragging them up and down, and they pulled it all together and made it work....In less then an hour. The excitement of the uncertainty also helped. On a side note, Lisa Brescia singing 'If I Own Today' with an orchestra, well, it was touching. Yesterday, Liz sang it, but it didn't feel right for her character, so I changed lyrics and back to Lisa it went. Shoshana sat next to me at today's reading and took my pencil to write in my script 'L.B. IS A STAR.' That she is. Out of my friends, only Ben, Sho and Nikki Renee were invited in for the reading, as I only wanted people whom could give me serious feedback, and that they did. They have really helped me move within a positive direction, and it's exciting. Everyone else whom attended were backers, agents, family or producers. HOPEFULLY, soon, there will a theaterical release for those whom wish to see the show. Cross your fingers for US.
On a side note, I don't know who will be attending Stephanie Blocks Valentine's Day show, say hi, as I will be there with my date ... =-) (side note, beautiful gorgeous HUGE three dozen roses in my apartment right now). She will be performing 'Never Neverland' that night. Anytime I get to hear Stephanie perform, it's such an honor and a treat. I know everyone feels that way. So, if your there, look for me, and please say hello. That is all for now. Thank you everyone who has written with there 'good luck' wishes ..You all rock ...With so many thanks ...xoxoxoxo -SA

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Piece Reading ...

Whew ...what an exhausting few days it has been. We have been rehearsing non-stop since Sunday night. It has been an amazing experience, and I wrote a new song today for one of the characters, and the first reading is tomorrow. Everyone is tired, but excited. The girls are just incredible, we really lucked out. The cast consists of Susan Pellegrino as Mother, Liz Larsen as Katherine 'Present,' Lisa Brescia as Katherine '35,' Sarah Litzinger as Katherine '26,' and Kate Wetherhead as Katherine '17.' We really lucked out with actress's who sing, rather then singers who act. These girls are in it 100%, and Tara, Schele, Jesse, Barbara and myself are hoping for a good read tomorrow at 4pm, and Friday at 1pm. We are doing it at the 42nd Street Studios, and I am so honored that many composers/lyricists whom I admire will be attending, and taking mental notes for me to help me progress this show, musically, in the proper direction. A show is never complete, and it's so nice to have there expertise. There to assist me. We will have a much better indication of the direction of this show after this weekend, and I will keep those interested updated. We are aware that those backers and producers whom showed major interested at our last reading may not be as interested this time around, and this is really our big shot, so we are all a little on edge, and I really can only hope that they see in this show something special. Since the last reading, one song has been removed and four new songs have been added. My favorite new song is 'Alone' which is sung by Lisa Brescia's character, and is just so driven, and her voice really shines on it. All these ladies are amazing. Have I already said that ? I am tired, don't mind me. I think I should be sleeping. Which, is a good lead off. It's time for me to sleep. I hope everyone is well and holding up. The weather here in NY has been really gorgeous. It's been nice not having to wear a jacket outside. I even wore shorts last night. Fun fun fun. I had to show off my new thighs I have been working so hard on ... On a side note, I love living in Hell's Kitchen, EXCEPT, for the fact that I see everyone in the morning while walking the pup, and I look like sh*t. In this area, I am learning, you need to go out in style, everytime of day .... Well, I'm gonna update my Ipod, eat some food, and get myself some sleep. I wish you all the best ...xoxoxo - SA

Friday, February 04, 2005

Monday Nights, New Voices II


Date: Monday February 21st @ 7pm
Location: The Duplex
*Tickets: $7

Hosted By: Matthew Morrison
**Featuring: Rob Sapp
Nicholas Dalton
Adam Fleming
Ben Cameron
Daniel Torres

With Special Guests: Stephen Schwartz and Paul Scott Goodman

On January 10th, 2004, a new series was created and started by Composer
Scott Alan and Producer Sabrina Gordin called Monday Nights, New Voices. A
monthly series held at the famed Duplex Cabaret Theater in the West Village,
the series showcase plans to spotlight lesser-known talents working in New
York. In addition to classic musical theatre tunes, the series will also
feature new music from up-and-coming and established composers, who will
accompany the performers.. The premiere concert on Jan. 10 boasted an
appearance by The Wild Party's Michael John LaChiusa, who performed for
Little Shop of Horror's Nikki Renee Daniels, and host Jenna Leigh Green
performed a new Scott Alan tune. In addition to Daniels and Green, the
premiere, which was all about the woman, featured Lauren Thomas, Wicked's
Kathy Deitch, Brooklyn's Sara Schmidt and Zakiya Young.

On February 21st, 2004, it is all about the men. Hosting the event, this
time around, will be Light in the Piazza's Matthew Morrison. The night will
also feature an impressive lineup of up and comers from Broadway and off.
Set to perform are Wicked's Robb Sapp and Ben Cameron, Altar Boyz's Daniel
Torres, BARE'S Adam Fleming and Hair's Nick Dalton. This concert will also
boast an appearance by Wicked composer, Stephen Schwartz and Bright Lights,
Big City composer, Paul Scott Goodman. Schele Williams is set to direct and
Jesse Vargas will musically direct the evening.

The Duplex Cabaret Theater is located at 61 Christopher Street. There is a
$7 cover charge and two drink minimum; call (212) 255-5438 for reservations

Thursday, February 03, 2005

blar ...

My journal shut down this morning. Blar. Finally got it back up and ready to go. New pictures from this weekend will be up shortly. I am off to the gym now, followed by the bank and then home to play with my little pup. Ohhh, he is the cutest thing in the world. xoxoxox0 - SA